Letters to the Editor
Friday, May 24, 1996

In a sense, voters will get their wish in same-sex dispute

With the "Gay Party" in office same-sex marriages will become legal. Why else would states with a two-party system be passing laws so as not to have to honor these coming marriages?

This is so certain that you can take it to the bank, that is, of course, if the people elect the same party to office. And let's face it, they've been doing it for years. So in reality, the voters WILL have the say in same-sex marriages.


It's no crime to make a CEO-caliber salary

Your May 22 cover story on local chief executive officers' (CEOs') compensation packages was informative to a point, but should have been placed in your editorial section. Rather than just report the facts, you had to play the class envy and sexism cards and make these people to be some sort of villains.

Why don't you run a similar article on the compensation received by Hollywood stars or professional athletes, whose incomes make our local CEOs' salaries pale in comparison?

Is it because it's now in vogue to pick on successful business people, but taboo to pick on liberal-leaning stars?

At least CEOs work for their compensation, and their businesses provide jobs for others (which you can't say about a professional athlete, etc.).

Besides, when did it become a sin to make money in a capitalist society?

Boycott the product if you don't like it or go work some place else. But don't whine!


Trustees' compensation is big part of Bishop budget

We have recently been bombarded by Bishop Estate advertisements in the newspapers and on TV implying that someone is stealing from someone else.

A recent news story saying Bishop trustees earn $938,047 makes it clear who is stealing from whom.

The five trustees make about a million each, and Bishop Estate spent about $100 million to operate the Kamehameha schools, which means, in effect, that a staggering 5 percent of the money spent to run the schools goes right into the trustees' pockets.

Do you think this is fair?

Stop the stealing.

Agitate for laws that regulate the actions and salaries of the Bishop Estate trustees.

Also, since Bishop Estate behaves like a cut-throat corporation, spending $3 million on lawyers to fight its lessees and hiring a New York public relations firm to clean up its image, why should it have tax-exempt status? Make them pay taxes!

Kuapa Isle

Trip to Washington was paid for by Congress

The Star-Bulletin on May 18 published a letter requesting information as to who paid for my recent trip to Washington, D.C.

Just to set the record straight, on May 15 I received a personal letter from Rep. Henry J. Hyde, chairman of the Judiciary Committee for the U.S. House of Representatives, requesting my appearance before the subcommittee on the Constitution with respect to pending legislation on the issue of same-sex marriage.

I was informed by the staff of the subcommittee that because the subcommittee was interested in learning of the Hawaii experience on this issue, airfare and hotel accommodations for myself and the attorney for the Hawaii House Judiciary Committee would be paid for in full by Congress.

No other person or group paid for any expenses associated with the trip. If any of your readers have any questions concerning my trip or my testimony before Congress, please call me at 586-6490.

Chairman, Judiciary Committee
State House of Representatives

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