Changing Hawaii

By Diane Yukihiro Chang

Friday, May 3, 1996

Look (really hard) for the silver lining

IT'S absolutely untrue that editorial columnists are cynical, sensationalistic and sassy. While everybody in town was grousing about this past legislative session - calling it unproductive, shallow and lame, for starters - I formulated a long list of redeeming qualities about the 1996 Hawaii Legislature.

Consider the bright side. Our esteemed government leaders at the State Capitol:

There, aren't you more upbeat now?

IF not, here's one more positive feature of this sitting Legislature. All of the members of the House and half of those in the Senate are up for re-election in 1996. They'll have to face their constituents, who have been known in the past to have short memories and shorter attention spans when it comes to the issues.

Consequently, long-entrenched politicos believe that waving at passing cars, feeding faces at fund-raisers or walking door-to-door to hoomalimali pays off in the fall. They will be returned to office, raring to do more "good" for the community. Yes, lordy, lordy, those voters keep fallin' for it.

This time, think positive - maybe they won't.

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