Above, Stupid Guys Cow Pie, left, and Mochi adorn the News Building.
The stunt was inspired by Sherry Elvenia, at right taping Mochi to the wall.

Photos by Dean Sensui, Star-Bulletin

Stupid Guy tricks


THEY'RE two Too Stupid Guys, out to bring joy to the kids of Hawaii. With more looks than brains (and they're not what most people would call handsome ), they figured they'd become heroes to Kids Only! readers by pulling the best, most creative, bodacious April Fool's Day stunt.

Unfortunately, Mochi and Cow Pie, being of limited intelligence, couldn't plan a good trick. So they appealed to KO! fans to dream up stunts for a Too Stupid Guys contest.

The kids didn't let them down. Notes and letters poured in. There were suggestions that the pair dress in weird clothes and run through various public places. But hey, check out what these guys think is dressing up! Everything they wear is weird!

The Guys went through their mail slowly and carefully. Very slowly. Very carefully. Very, very slowly. Finally, they found a winner. Sherry Elvenia, a 9th grader at Sacred Hearts Academy wrote, "My idea of being stupid is taking a lot of duct tape and have a person tape them onto a wall of a building."

She had the magic substance - duct tape. The Too Stupids just love duct tape. Heck they worship the stuff; it's what holds them together.

So yesterday, April Fool's Day, from approximately 9:15 to 10:50 a.m., Mochi and Cow Pie were duct taped, ankle to armpit, to the South Street and Kapiolani Boulevard corner of the News Building.

Yup, as Cow Pie put it, they were taped for a live audience, and if you saw them you were cutting school.

Sherry was on hand to cheer them on, and even gleefully helped with the taping process.

She wasn't totally heartless about it, though. She did express concern that the Stupids might have to answer calls of nature during their grand adventure.

Sherry wins $100 and 10 movie passes for her clever idea, which came to her, she said, like this: "Well, I was typing at the computer and saw a roll of masking tape and thought it up."

Still, "I didn't think masking tape would hold them up," she admitted, so chose duct tape.

Sherry uses tape - the regular adhesive and masking kinds, not duct - a lot. Not on people, but on stuff like paper "because most of the time it gets ripped."

She's well-versed at practical jokes. Why just on Sunday, "I hid behind a door to scare my dad. He jumped."

Her reaction to the Stupids? "Hilarious. Too funny."

Sherry plans to spend her winnings on shoes and clothes. Her parents, Orlino and Minda Elvenia, say she earned it so she can use the money any way she wants.

Earlier, between 6:30 and 7:45 a.m. at Magic Island, the Stupids had carried out three runner-up stunts for KHON Channel 2 News. Sam Pablo's idea of being dragged through yucky food; Lady Garrett, Lissa Sunada and Casey Lenahan's plan for a human bowling ball, and Jaime Okamoto's vision of a Stupid diving into a (shaving) cream pie aired live with the kids cheering the guys on. "Stu-pid, Stu-pid, Stu-pid!"

Both tapings were over too soon for Sherry, who finally showed up for classes after 10 a.m. As for the Too Stupid Guys, they simply stuck it out.

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