Letters to the Editor

H-3 is so costly we must even pay to walk on it

Hawaii residents are fleeced for fees at every turn, including a walk on the yet-to-be-opened H-3 Freeway. I'm absolutely astounded that a fee is charged to walk on the new roadway. Nowhere on the entire planet are fees charged for such an event! Not to mention that the people are paying for this astronomically expensive piece of roadway already with their taxes.

And what's just as surprising is that people are lining up to pay the fee. Seems that the people of Hawaii are so accustomed to fees for everything in their life, that it's completely normal for them to find a fee for this as well. This is indeed a unique place.


Windward residents deserved first walk on H-3

The H-3 DOT Free Sneak Preview for DOT workers and their friends is yet another "in your face" example of the privileges the Hawaii state worker enjoys over the taxpaying private citizen.

The "insiders," government employees, were invited to the very first tour. A publicly sensitive DOT could have used the opportunity of the first tour as a gesture of gratitude to the people living on the Windward side who were most inconvenienced by the construction detour delays they experienced commuting on the Likelike.

Instead this was a tour of the misnomer known as an "interstate" highway conducted for those of the "intrastate" society with true connections.


Major landowner breaking one of the commandments

Bishop Estate is fond of saying "Thou shalt not steal." Have they forgotten another commandment: "Thou shalt not lie"?


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