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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Former soap actress
to join cast of ‘Lost’

Chatter overheard at the recent "Lost" DVD release event at Turtle Bay Resort: Former soap actor Cynthia Watros joins the cast as Libby, a mysterious character who may or may not have been in the tail section of Oceanic Flight 815 when it crashed. ...

The massive hatch set at the Hawaii Film Studio soundstage took four designs before being approved. The spatial shapes within the hatch remained the same, but the look changed dramatically with each design. ...

What's in the hatch has been taken out of the realm of science fiction and is more literal in providing answers to viewers' questions. And while that set is permanent, the cave set at the Nimitz Highway stage will be torn down and replaced. ...

Filming resumes within the next few weeks at the production's Heeia jungle and Haleiwa's Police Beach sites to resume the raft survivors' story in episode four. ...

Season two scripts have more warnings than last year about disclosure consequences. ...

Executive producer Bryan Burke said there are "no plans or discussions" about relocating the show. "Lost" producers and network execs were dismayed that state legislators did not pass tax credits for outside film and TV productions last session. "If legislators are listening, help would be nice. ... I can't think of a show more appropriate to benefit from the production tax credit, because no one on 'Lost' is taking advantage of anyone," Burke said.

The Los Angeles-based DVD Group, which shot "The Making of Lost" for the series' season one DVD box set, is currently filming for season two's DVD collection. Company president David Naylor attended last week's "Lost" party ...

David Chokachi of "Baywatch" fame returns to the beach on the N's half-hour drama "Boarding School." The 37-year-old Massachussetts-born actor plays a surf instructor to four teenage girls training to become professional surfers on the North Shore. The character is patterned after Hawaii waterman Brian Keaulana. Producers are Sean McNamara and David Brookwell. Filming begins in September ...

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