Secrets to Success
Deborah Cole Micek
and John-Paul Micek

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Read people and
boost your sales

Part two of seven-part series

Susan needs your product or service, now! But she's not going to come right out and give you that piece of information.

As a professional sales person, you need to unravel the mystery of who is and who is not ready to buy what you have to sell -- before they shop around and buy from your competitor.

The faster you uncover what your clients' needs are, and communicate how your product or service can satisfy them, the faster you'll be able to capture your fair share of the market.

If you knew what Susan was thinking and feeling while she was shopping in your store, how would your behavior change based on this intelligence?

We're about to unveil a secret way for you to make a good first impression with every person you meet from this day forward.

If Susan spoke a different language than you, would you continue speaking in your preferred language? Or would you attempt to communicate using the language she is comfortable with?

There are four main ways that determine how a person best receives and processes information. Just like a different language, each of us has a "preferred" way of communicating. We call this a Language Pattern.

Below is a general guide to let you know what each type of person is looking for when he or she is communicating with you:

» Visual: This person wants to see what it is you are talking about, whether in actual physical form or through a well-constructed analogy that allows him/her to "virtually" picture things.
» Auditory: This person will listen intently to hear what you are trying to convey.
» Kinesthetic: This person prefers to utilize a "hands-on" approach to learning or to grab hold of something tangible in order to understand concepts.
» Digital: This person responds best when there is a "step-by-step system" where he or she can analyze the process before making a decision to move forward with any new knowledge.

How would you alter your regular sales presentation based on each of the four Language Patterns?

Begin identifying each of your prospects' preferred Language Patterns throughout the upcoming week. Once you uncover each, you'll be able to alter your sales presentation and communication style based on how each prospect prefers you to communicate.

Part three of this series will begin to reveal the different types of preferred words to use for these four Language Patterns.

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John-Paul Micek is the lead business coach at RPM Success Group Inc. Reach him at JPM@RPMsuccess.com or toll-free at (888) 334-8151.

Deborah Cole Micek, chief executive officer of RPM Success Group, is a business success coach and life strategist. Reach her at DCM@RPMsuccess.com or toll-free at (888) 334-8151.

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