Kokua Line
June Watanabe

Thursday, August 11, 2005

McCully complex
being stabilized

Question: What's happening with the McCully District Park pool/gym complex? In June the complex was fenced and closed. What is the parks department's plan, to re-shore the foundation, to demolish/rebuild or leave as open space? Any thought to relocating the pool and gym to Ala Wai Neighborhood Park?

Answer: Major structural work is being done to the pool and gymnasium "to rectify potential life safety hazards," said Wayne Hashiro, director of the city Department of Design and Construction.

The gym will reopen after Phase I of the project -- "Repair and Retrofit of the Gymnasium and Swimming Pool Structure" -- is completed next May, barring unforeseen problems.

However, the pool will remain closed indefinitely.

"Phase I will ensure the pool structure is to be stabilized, but does not make any repairs to the pool itself," Hashiro explained.

After the pool is stabilized, his department and the Department of Parks and Recreation will evaluate its condition. The pool will not be reopened to the public until all necessary repairs are completed to make it "safe and operational," Hashiro said.

Phase I involves structurally separating the gym from the swimming pool, then reinforcing both to make them each structurally sound.

The $1.18 million contract for Phase I was awarded to CO-HA Builders Inc.

In addition to making repairs to the pool, Phase II would involve hiring a consultant to plan improvements at McCully District Park, including possibly using part of the parking lot for a new recreational area to include the kiln room now located at the Ala Wai Clubhouse; possible improvements or reconstruction of the existing arts and crafts building; and new and/or replacement parking, Hashiro said.

"The city is not contemplating, at this time, relocating the facilities to the Ala Wai Neighborhood Park," he said.

Q: What's the law on parking the wrong way on residential streets and on sidewalks/into driveways?

A: Sec. 15-13.5 of the Revised Ordinances of Honolulu states, "Upon any roadway within a business or residence district, no person shall stand or park a vehicle other than parallel with the edge of the roadway, headed in the direction of traffic and with the curb-side wheels of the vehicle within 12 inches of the edge of the roadway, except while parked wholly within stalls marked or designated."

Sec. 15-14.2 states, "No person shall stand or park any vehicle in such a manner that any portion of such vehicle obstructs the sidewalk or portion thereof."

However, as we've reported previously, police say they will not cite people for parking on unpaved sidewalk areas unless vehicles completely block the pedestrian right of way, based on past court decisions.

Finally, Sec. 15-14.1(a)(2) of the Revised Ordinances says parking is prohibited "in front of a public or private driveway or within 4 feet of either side of a public or private driveway."


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