Friday, August 5, 2005

Cleanpourri's kitchen, glass and window, bathroom and stainless steel cleaners are pretty enough to come out of your cabinets and sit on your windowsill.

New cleaners are
colorful and work well

In my corner of the world, I have been known as "omnipotent lord queen of the known universe" or, more briefly, as "the princess." But unlike Roseanne Barr, one title I have never claimed is that of "domestic goddess."

In other words, I don't do bathrooms. That's what boyfriends are for, and in the past they have all done their manly duty, except for the current one. The resulting standoff or game of chicken ends when the one who's more grossed out caves and starts scrubbing.

I, being of strong constitution, can take a lot more than he can, so most times I get to keep my hands clean while he succumbs to the ring around the tub and toothpaste spatters in the sink.

Now comes Cleanpourri Aromatic Cleaners, which have proved to be my downfall. Marketers know that all they have to do to sell a product to women is to offer it in multiple pretty colors, and that is what Cleanpourri has done.

The company's CitrusMelon Kitchen Cleaner, CitrusBerry Bathroom Cleaner and CitrusMint Glass and Window Cleaner ($5.96 each) come in the prettiest hues of lime, strawberry and turquoise. I couldn't wait to test them.

First, I tackled the bathtub with CitrusBerry Bathroom Cleaner, with no gloves and a single Scott paper towel. You're instructed to spritz it on and wipe away, and though this sounded too easy, the ring disappeared in no time.

Of course, if you've gone years without cleaning, you might need a scouring pad and more muscle. A Porcelain Pumice Cleaner ($2.97) is available for ingrained stains.

The cleaner did feel soapy, so those who like to keep their hands out of cleaning products should use gloves.

After that I used the Stainless Steel Polisher on the faucets, and Glass and Window Cleaner to make the mirrors sparkle.

The entire process took no more than 30 minutes and left a fresh scent instead of a bleachy chemical smell.

I felt so energized I wanted to clean all the windows in the house immediately, but thought better of it. Wouldn't want the man of the house to get lazy, you know.

Cleanpourri products are exclusively available at the Home Depot.

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