Friday, July 29, 2005

Fugitive charged with
rape and assault of
ex-girlfriend is caught

A fugitive charged with raping his ex-girlfriend earlier this year was captured Wednesday in Mililani after he allegedly threatened the victim, according to police.


Scott Wilkerson: His ex-girlfriend called police while he hit and kicked her car, police say

Police said Scott D. Wilkerson, 41, chased the 27-year-old into her car, then punched and kicked the car doors while she was inside. The victim called the detective working her case while she was in the car, and Wilkerson fled the scene and tried to escape by scaling a fence at Schofield Barracks. He was arrested on base at 6:20 p.m.

"He was jumping on the car screaming at her. ... We're very lucky that we caught him," said CrimeStoppers coordinator Sgt. Kim Capllonch. "His prior history shows that he has no problem being violent towards her."

Police have been looking for Wilkerson because he allegedly kept harassing and contacting the victim even after he was indicted on July 6 on two counts each of first- and second-degree sexual assault, one count of fourth-degree sexual assault and second-degree theft involving his ex-girlfriend.

According to court documents, Wilkerson followed the victim home from her workplace in Kailua on Feb. 3 and told her to follow him "or else he would kill her." She obeyed and followed Wilkerson to a home in the Enchanted Lake area, where he allegedly pulled her out of her vehicle by her hair, slapped her and then raped her inside the house repeatedly despite the victim telling him, "No" and "Please stop."

The victim did not report the incident to police immediately. She did not talk about the assault until police responded to another case involving Wilkerson and the victim on June 27, when he surprised her after she finished work again and allegedly stole a cell phone from her purse.

Wilkerson then called a male friend of the victim's the next day and said he wanted to meet at the victim's residence in Wahiawa to talk. Police were called and arrested Wilkerson later that evening for robbery. It was then that the victim told officers about the kidnapping and rape in February.

After Wilkerson was indicted on July 6, prosecutors said he violated the no-contact order filed against him by calling the victim again at her workplace on July 20.

A hearing was scheduled on Monday because prosecutors wanted to revoke the $100,000 bail set in Wilkerson's case, but Wilkerson ran from the Circuit Court building and never set foot in the courtroom. It was at that time that bail was raised to $500,000.

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