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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A Wie influence
on a wee ball

Michelle Wie missed the cut in her third try in a men's professional golf tournament. If the 15-year-old high school junior-to-be and other girls ... er, women prove they can compete with men, their success would make a strong argument for doing away with the LPGA.

In few other sports do men and women stand on nearly equal footing. The physical advantage male golfers have over women can be negated with shorter courses. But Wie is proving that women can also hit the long ball.

And why stop at the professional level? Why can't college, high school and junior golf go coed?

Women win less money for winning LPGA tournaments than men who win PGA events. But if men and women played together, they would compete for the same prizes.

Wie's goal is to play in the premier tournament for professional male golfers, the Masters at the all-male Augusta National Golf Club. If she qualifies, she might open the door for Augusta's first female member.

She's making a case for equality in professional golf and she's having fun, too.

Nelson Daranciang
Star-Bulletin reporter

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