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John Berger

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nothing to bug you in
Disney’s Herbie movie

BRAVO, HERBIE: Four stars and two thumbs up for "Herbie Fully Loaded." Disney's new movie about the adventures of the Volkswagen with a mind of its own is a perfect "G-rated" entertainment. Who cares if anyone over 15 can easily anticipate every twist and turn in the plot? Lindsay Lohan is appealing and natural as the slightly flawed heroine, and Matt Dillon is the best comic villain since Kevin Bacon attempted to sabotage Queen Latifah in "Beauty Shop." Even more remarkable is the fact that Disney decided to tell the story without indulging in any of the infantile toilet humor or kicks-to-the-crotch stuff that needlessly taints most so-called "children's movies" these days ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: To Jerry Santos, who is celebrating today ... also to Flash Hansen and Eaton "Bob" Magoon (Friday), Leo Anderson Akana and Keali'i Reichel (Sunday), Peter Rockford Espiritu (Monday), and Rene Paulo (Tuesday) ...

STEPPING UP: It's great to see a good idea develop into something bigger and better. Philana Bouvier and Lulu Lackey took their lingerie fashion shows a step up on Monday with "The Vanity Affaire" at the Diamond Head Grill. Their first show was a nice semi-private house party, but the second one unfortunately attracted some immature men who couldn't handle themselves like gentlemen around lingerie models. There were no such problems this time as an upscale crowd of more than 150 people filled the restaurant to check out Lackey's latest collection of imported items and peruse displays promoting the products and services of other fashion, health, cosmetic and leisure activity professionals. The only problems were caused by the choice of location -- The W Hotel lacks the parking necessary to handle an event of this size, and the bartenders were unable to pour drinks in a timely and efficient manner ... Kristen and Mike Chan, Edgy Lee, Geri and Mitch Berger (no relation), Roni Yurong, Peter Maharaj, Nalani McLaughlin, Christopher Holliday, Tim McDevitt, Candice McGuire, Tiffany Pestana and Ian Fernandez were among those making the scene.

Richard Turbin and Rai Saint Chu had a conflicting engagement but stopped by afterward to show their support. A portion of the ticket price will be donated to a local charity ...

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