Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The cast of "Flight 29 Down" will film in Hawaii.

‘Flight 29’ is a hit
even before it airs

MONTHS before the 13-episode Discovery Kids' series "Flight 29 Down" debuts on NBC Sept. 10, the drama about 11 kids stranded on a South Pacific island after a plane crash is already poised for second season approval.

Based on favorable survey results last month, from several American cities, sources said the series is likely to receive a green light for a second season to begin filming here in October. Dozens of kids ages 8 to 15 watched the first two episodes then had 72 hours to log on to a Web site to answer questions about the show.

The survey results were "the best in Discovery's history," said Rann Watumull, consultant for Hawaii Film Partners, co-producer of the project.

"We are in discussions for a second season and ordering new scripts ... to be written shortly," he said.

Episode one is called "The Arrival"; episode two is "The Quest for the Quest (Fore Fire)."

"Flight 29 Down" chronicles the adventures of 10 kids whose airplane crashes on a deserted Micronesian island while en route to a eco-adventure camp. With little hope of rescue, the kids must learn how to navigate the challenges of the island and each other using their intellect and instincts.

The program is a co-production for Discovery Kids by Stan Rogow, D.J. MacHale and Hawaii Film Partners. For Hawaii Film Partners, Gina Watumull and Shauna Shapiro Jackson are executive producers.

"Flight 29 Down's" cast includes Hallee Hirsh, Jeremy James Kissner, Johnny Pacar, Allen Alvarado, Kristy Wu, Corbin Bleu Rivers, Lauren Storm, Tani Lynn Fujimoto, John Kapelos, Blade Rogers and B.K. Cannon.

The series original name "29 Down" was changed to "Flight 29 Down" when producers learned the former was the name of a small mainland business.

The network decided to survey teens rather than wait for broadcast ratings to help retain cast members who might otherwise be lured to other projects, Rann Watumull said.

Hawaii Film Partners goal is to build up Hawaii's film industry. "Flight 29 Down" is its first production.

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