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June Watanabe

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Data on DSL
still spotty

Question: Verizon, now Hawaiian Telecom, has been offering customers DSL service for computers. I have attempted to buy this service from them for a couple of years. All I am told is that it is not available in my area (Sierra Drive on Wilhelmina Rise in Kaimuki) and to "try again next month." Whenever I ask if it will be available or why it's not available, no one seems to be able to answer my question. Can you find out if and when it might be available?

Answer: Right now, no.

The best we can tell you today is that when the transition from Verizon to Hawaiian Telcom is completed, you'll be able to get a more definitive answer to when you MIGHT be able to get the digital subscriber line service.

However, we can tell you why you probably can't get it now.

DSL is widely available in Hawaii, according to Hawaiian Telcom spokeswoman Ann Nishida, but not all phone lines may qualify for it for various reasons.

The main reason is distance. Your home must be within three miles of the central office that serves the home, Nishida said.

"With that said, technology and electronics continue to improve, allowing us to expand our network and qualify more customers for DSL every year," she said.

She noted that the DSL planning function was managed by Verizon on the mainland. Under Telcom that function is coming back to Hawaii.

"When this transition is complete, we should have clear answers to customer inquiries about DSL availability and ask for their patience and understanding as we work to complete this transition," Nishida said.

Q: The intersection of Dole and Frank streets has recently been resurfaced, which is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, the construction disconnected the traffic actuators that cause the signal light to cycle. Traffic is starting to back up because of this problem. The last time they did this, it took several months before they fixed the signals. Can the process be speeded up?

A: The "detector loops" should be in by the end of this month, barring any unforeseen events, according to Wayne Hashiro, director of the city Department of Design and Construction.

The Dole-Kanewai-Frank Street intersection was completed on April 27, and Hashiro said his department is working with the contractor on installing the detector loops.

Before that can happen, the contractor has to provide for manhole cover adjustments and to re-stripe the traffic lane. That's "to ensure that the detectors are appropriately placed so that the traffic signals can operate correctly," he said.

Q: Do you know of any nonprofit agency that might want some palm trees? They are about 2 to 3 years old and about 2 to 10 feet tall. I don't know their names, but some are fishtails, as they are called, and others are like big fans. I'm willing to donate them, but they have to be dug up and taken away.

A: If anyone is interested, e-mail gtobita@verizon.net.


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