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June Watanabe

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Churchill’s speech
cost about $3,800

Question: How much was Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor, paid to speak at the University of Hawaii?

Answer: The final tally is still to be made, but preliminary estimates are that it will cost about $3,800 to pay for the UH Free Speech Forum, which included a lecture by Churchill, according to Robert Perkinson, assistant professor of American studies and one of the event sponsors.

No funds had yet been dispensed, he said last week.

Although it initially was reported that Churchill would appear for expenses alone, Perkinson said he understood that Churchill "will receive a modest speaking fee, but none of it will come from UH or state moneys."

Organizers raised "a lot of money from individuals and community foundations, some of it unsolicited," so state/UH funds would only be "used for security, venue, travel expenses, photocopies, etc.," he said.

The UH funds would include $1,000 from the UH's Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity office.

Amy Agbayani, director of the office, explained that her office provides staff support to a systemwide diversity initiative committee made up of faculty, staff and students from various UH campuses.

That committee approved $1,000 for American Studies/Hawaii American Studies Association to be used for travel and hotel expenses for Churchill, she said.

While the office's funds will probably pay for most of Churchill's travel expenses, Perkinson said providing details on exactly how much is UH-funded is "a bit more complicated than meets the eye."

That's because various departments will be giving pledges from different accounts. For instance, in his American Studies department, pledges will come from an account that faculty contribute to out of their own pockets.

"So it's a UH account, but it's not taxpayer money per se," he said.

Another department, meanwhile, will tap into a federal grant used for public speakers, while other departments may use regular accounts that may combine grants, state/federal and tuition money.

Q: A few months ago, Hawaiian Airlines told us to beware, because after June 15 it no longer would accept coupons for interisland travel. What can we do with the 30 coupons we're holding because we can't use them all up that soon?

A: If your coupons expire before June 15 and you don't use them before then, you're out of luck.

Otherwise, you can exchange them for an electronic ticket (e-ticket).

No-expiration coupons can be exchanged for a one-way e-ticket by mailing the coupon with a note that has your reservation confirmation code, passenger name, itinerary and e-mail and mailing address to: Hawaiian Airlines, Unexpired Coupon Exchange, Oahu Sales, P.O. Box 30008, Honolulu 96820.

Hawaiian Air said most coupons do have an expiration date.


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