Thursday, March 17, 2005

Plenty of fashion to look at on "Mixed Plate."

Pamela’s ‘Plate’ takes
to the runway

THE first thing men usually do when a fashion program comes on the tube is switch to ESPN as fast as they can. Hold it Bubba!

Tune into KITV tomorrow when Pamela Young's award-winning feature show, "Mixed Plate," takes viewers to Hong Kong's Fashion Week, a 30-minute journey of fun and fantasy that has something for everyone, even men.

"Mixed Plate": Journeys to Hong Kong Fashion Week: 8:30 p.m. tomorrow on KITV; repeats at 3:30 p.m. Saturday.

This year's fashion show brought designers and vendors -- some 25,000 -- from all over Asia, including Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, to present their designs and goods to prove that the East can compete with the West when it comes to haute couture.

Not that I know fashion but it looks darn good to me.

Hong Kong long has been known as the fashion trade center of Asia but the region's designers have taken a back seat to Europe and the United States. Young shows in an endless but pleasing march of impossibly thin and attractive models -- including some without that bitchy bored look --to show what Asia has to offer, from ethnic-inspired attire of Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, to elegant evening fashions from Australia and Korea, where "traditions are the inspiration for the 21st century" and clothes representative of both worlds. Korean designs using brilliant Korean silk are nothing short of spectacular.

So why should men watch this "Mixed Plate" edition?

Besides the multitude of pulchritude, there's what Young describes as the "Realm of Fantasy" designs that are, she admits, "not about marketability or wearability" but designers gone wild in mixing dream worlds with the real world.

I don't want to give anything away here but the fantasy fashions some of he women wear are -- can I say "Hubba Hubba?" -- while some Asian designers' forays into mens' clothing are downright silly and hilarious. Even the studly male models look shocked and embarrassed.

Young brings viewers back to reality with a short feature on Mililani born and bred high school track star-turned- model/actress Maggie Q, who discusses her career on and off the runway.

What would have been especially fun to see is Young in one of those fantasy outfits, or better yet, husband Gary Sprinkle in the male version.

Kudos to Young and KITV for continuing to shine the "Mixed Plate" bright light in local television's dwindling galaxy of local programming.

KITV4 - Pamela Young - Mixed Plate

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