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New arrivals at Homeworld, small, medium and large bowls ($14, $24, $29) and seagrass containers of artificial grass ($14 for 6-by-6 inches or $24 for 10-by-6 inches) that look just like the real thing. Fill the bowl with eggs at Easter and tuck a couple of eggs in the tufts of grass while you're at it.

Green house magic

Take a cue from the color of money,
the time of one’s youth and the luck of
the Irish to add a splash of green
to the home

mug Alice Inoue
Feng Shui consultant and astrologer

"Because we are living beings full of life force, being around the color green will bring in symbolically the life force of nature and create an environment of support and healthy growth.

It's also a color of peace and calmness as plants grow silently, we can bring this peaceful energy into our environment by choosing green to surround us. As green represents the element of wood, it is a great bridge in the kitchen to create harmony between the stove (fire) and the sink (water). The principle behind this is that the water feeds the wood, and wood feeds the fire. Use a plant, or even a green rug to help to mitigate this. You can chose a green sponge, green towels, and green dish washing soap as well! Your home and environment is actually supported by placing green anywhere, in the form of plants (make sure the leaves are soft and round and not spiky), or objects that you love. For growing your wealth and blessings, place a beautiful healthy plant in the corner farthest from you on the left hand side as you enter your home or room."


Above, a Ralph Lauren 2 fluid-ounce color tester in "Palm Leaf." One pouch of paint is enough to gauge how the color will look in your home. One test covers up to a 2-foot-square area. Available at Home Depot for $3.99 each.

mug Martha Alabanza
Interior designer, ASID
Philpotts and Associates

"Green reflects nature. It reflects growth and rebirth. Its qualities are of healing, nurturing and love.

Using green in homes especially in Hawaii, promotes our beautiful landscape and natural foliage. Many Hawaiian-style homes possess an open-air feeling; this 'indoor/outdoor' feel can be carried through by the use of green. Living rooms and family rooms are an ideal space for its use (painted) on an accent wall--not so much the kelly greens, but greens with white or black tints. Also, tints and shades of green can be used to complement a variety of furnishings."


Just out for spring, the Martha Stewart Everyday collection for the kitchen includes striped placemats ($3.19), and for the bedroom, a full-size sheet set in Looped Lattice Green from the Sunburst grouping ($19.79). The set includes two standard pillow cases, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet. Available at Kmart.

mug Kevin Kelly
President of Friends of St. Patrick and head of St. Patrick's Day Parade

"From the Irish perspective, green has always been the color of Ireland--they call it the Emerald Isle because it's so green all the time. And of course there's the symbolism from St. Patrick's use of the (green) shamrock to teach Christianity, with each leaf representing the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. ... When the Irish first came to America, (they brought with them the concept that) green is associated with Ireland so it's the color that represents the Irish. The American tradition now is just to absorb the Shamrock and green as Irish.

There's been a resurgence of interest in Irish traditions, we have schools of dance that teach jigs and Irish organizations such as the Wild Shamrocks and Clan NaGael. In Hawaii we have a lot of Irish bars and just like Irish bars on the East Coast this is where the Irish come and congregate...

It's interesting that green is associated with calmness because the Irish culture is definitely an interesting and lively one... friendly, caring people. During the week of St. Patrick's Day, it's a chance for us all to be Irish and celebrate."


A Mitchell Gold Astrid chair, shown in Erin Kiwi (regular $697, on sale for $558) can be custom-ordered in other fabrics at Pacific Home on Young Street. Beach glass floats ($13), below left, are also available in blue at the store.

mug Jenn Johnson
Pacific Home

"Hawaii homes are the perfect place for adding a splash of green this St. Patrick's Day.

Instead of using the traditional emerald green try a tangy kiwi or a subtle sea grass. The darker, brighter greens are good as accents, while the paler greens can be considered nuetral.

Green has always been known as a soothing color and a great color palette to introduce into the home.

Pacific Home's philosophy is striving to create soothing home environments that compliment our tropical surroundings."


This sage coral-patterned pillow of suede and chenille measures 20-by-20 inches with down filling. It's $180 from Pacific Home.

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