Kokua Line
June Watanabe

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tsunami advice
available free

Question: Where can I get informational brochures on vertical evacuations, tsunami shelters and evacuation zones regarding preparing for a tsunami? Who do I call or write to?

Answer: Contact the Oahu Civil Defense Agency, which has brochures on "Preparing for Tsunami," as well as on other hazards.

You can find the information online at oahucivildefense.com. If you want a hard copy of the brochure or other information, call the agency at 523-4121 to have single copies mailed.

If you want several copies -- some people have asked for hundreds, said agency spokesman John Cummings -- you are asked to pick them up at the agency's office, located in the basement of the Honolulu Municipal Building, 650 S. King St.

The office is open 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

The brochures are made available as a public service and are free, Cummings said.

"We also do public education programs on tsunamis and hazards in general," he said. Staff is available to speak to groups weekends and evenings.

Nuisance Call Bureau

In response to the March 2 "Kokua Line" advising someone to call Verizon's Nuisance Call Bureau (800-257-2969) for help in stopping nuisance calls, a reader wrote: "Verizon will charge you for the call. Go figure."

You are not charged for calling that toll-free number.

However, Verizon spokeswoman Ann Nishida said you might be charged for choosing a "service option" to help end any nuisance calls.

"Depending on the situation, there are options our customer can choose from to deal with different types of nuisance calls," she said.

But "there are no surprises" in terms of cost, she said, because Verizon will review any charges with a customer before an option is selected.


At 8 p.m. Sunday, I nearly became a victim due to a driver speeding to beat the red light at 16th and Waialae avenues. I hope that this driver will learn to be a little more patient before a fatal crash takes his/her life along with other innocent victims. I was able to catch up with the vehicle at the intersection of Kalanianaole Highway and Waieli Street and memorized the license plate number.

The intersection of Waialae and 16th avenues is always very busy with vehicles speeding off the H-1, heading Ewa, vehicles heading toward Hawaii Kai and vehicles waiting to complete left turns from 16th onto Waialae. It's so obvious why there have been numerous accidents there: IMPATIENT drivers! -- 16th Avenue Resident

We passed your "auwe" and the license number on to the Honolulu Police Department, but no citations can be issued unless an officer witnesses a violation.

Missing crystals?

Whoever bought two crystal lamps at a garage sale on Honua Street on Feb. 19: The owner says she forgot to include a packet of crystal to attach to the lamps. Call 955-4974.


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