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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

State should let people eat what they want

Hawaii already has animal cruelty laws and already has theft laws ("Proposal would ban eating of dogs, cats," Star-Bulletin, Feb. 11). Why do we need a new law (which means time and money wasted) to stop doing something that could be part of someone's culture? While I may not agree with eating dog, that doesn't mean it should be made illegal. I have a friend who is vegetarian. Should she have her will imposed on the state because she feels it's wrong to kill animals?

Politicians like to generate trivial issues to distract people from the real ones. This is just another example of an elected official that is not doing his job creating an issue for attention. Did you know that Hawaii ranks in the top 10 states for property crime rates, larceny rates and total crime index? For those of you who don't believe take a look at the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

Eating dog or cat is gross, but tolerable. These other issues shouldn't be tolerated at all, but most politicians are too cowardly to take action to resolve them.

Randall Booth

Why spare only dogs and cats from table?

While it is commendable to want to spare cats and dogs from the slaughterhouse, it is unfortunate that the same compassion is not granted to other lovable critters like calves, lambs, pigs and goats that end up on the dinner table. What happened to "Babe the Pig?"

Eva Uran

Decision to let Mahi go was a mistake

Mayor Hannemann's decision to replace Royal Hawaiian Bandleader Aaron Mahi may be a fait accompli at this point. However, the City Council must still approve his choice and I strongly urge the members to consider the following:

» The Royal Hawaiian Band is the only one of its kind in the world. There is literally no other ensemble anywhere that has its unique Hawaiian legacy. This legacy must absolutely continue forward.

» As an exceptionally talented musician, Aaron has provided outstanding musical leadership to the band for 25 years.

» I respect the right of professional musicians to voice concerns about musical direction and working conditions. Those concerns need to be addressed and resolved.

Hannemann's solution was to let Aaron go. This was a mistake. The Council should step in and direct the mayor to mediate a solution that preserves the band's unique cultural legacy, recognizes Aaron's ability to continue as conductor and addresses the concerns of the musicians.

That's called leadership.

Stan Baptista

U.S. troops sacrifice for our freedom

To our troops,

Our appreciation for your efforts and sacrifice worldwide cannot begin to be expressed. You are the protectors of our country and everything that it represents -- freedom, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. Please understand that you are a rare breed. During the Revolutionary War, the event that created this nation, few were willing to actually bear arms and join the fray (I understand a mere 15 percent or so). Today that percentage is even smaller, though there is no shortage of folks willing to partake of the privileges freedom provides.

Your resolve and commitment are strong, yet the thread of life can be as fragile as a snowflake, as fleeting as a moment, and each of us has the exact same number of lives to give -- one.

The election in Iraq was an enormous leap. The sound of car bombs is being replaced with the ringing in of freedom. We thank you! Anyone looking for a modern-day hero need look no further than the men and women of our U.S. military.

Norio Hataye

President shouldn't fool people twice

Did you believe President Bush when he told us that Saddam's weapons of mass destruction made it necessary to wage a pre-emptive war on Iraq? Do you believe him when he tells us that in order to save Social Security we must dismember it? I did, but I don't. Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me.

Michael Derieg
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii




Seeking state symbols

Hawaii has a state bird, a state fish and a state flower. What other symbols should the Aloha State have? For example, should we have a state insect? If so, what should it be? Or how about a state bento? Come up with your own categories and share them with Star-Bulletin readers.

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