Sunday, February 13, 2005


Dining around the islands

Cambodian eatery is 1 year old

The Cambodian restaurant Chez Sovan Express, will celebrate its one-year anniversary at Restaurant Row Monday by offering two new dishes.

Salmon Green Mango features a salmon fillet grilled golden brown and topped with green mango salsa, a favorite condiment for grilled or deep-fried fish. The mango is spiced with garlic, shallot, fish sauce and sugar.

Also new will be a tuna salad tossed with fried shallot, sugar and roasted shredded coconut.

For more information, call 599-8812.

The bread is back

Backyard baker Chris Miura is returning to Vino Italian Tapas and Wine Bar in Restaurant Row with a selection of artisan breads on Saturday.

Miura is a doctor whose hobby is baking in a wood-burning brick oven in his yard. A few weeks ago, he brought a sampling to Vino, which were offered along with pairings of wines selected by Chuck Furuya, a master sommelier and co-owner of Vino.

Both are back for an encore. The breads will be served with a flight of wines for $8. Call 524-8466.



And the Valentine Day winners are...

Tomorrow in Features: Meet the winner of our Valentine's Day essay contest. Our question was, can friends become lovers? "Harry Met Sally" aside, it seems a tricky proposition. See what we found out.

Next Sunday: With the Will Smith movie "Hitch" in theaters, about a love doctor who passes on tips for winning with women, we wondered if we could do the same for any guy.

We asked men to submit themselves for inspection and tell us their unlucky-in-love stories. Sadly, some who needed the most work, as volunteered by their friends, rejected our overtures.

But we found our winner in Andrew McClung, a 41-year-old Zoology Ph.D. candidate who seemed nice and sincere, but has been too wrapped up in school to do much romancing.

He'll be made over by Honolulu's Hitch, promoter Flash Hansen, and we'll show you the results next Sunday. Ladies, pay attention!

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