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Turn your beloved's photo into art

Valentine's Day is weeks away, which means it's gift-hunting time again. If you're all malled out from the holidays, check out Canvas on Demand to turn your beloved's photo into a piece of art.

Just pick a favorite print or digital photo and log onto www.canvasondemand.com to place your order. Reproductions come in two styles, photo realistic (no charge) or light brush strokes ($29). Finished canvases can be mailed to you within two weeks. However, the deadline for Valentine's Day is Feb. 7.

All reproductions are done on UV-treated canvas, which means the picture will not fade, and can be ordered with a frame ($20 to $60) or without. Canvases range from 8 by 10 inches ($59) to 24 by 36 inches ($139), and three levels of retouching are available for $25 to $100. There is also a $14.95 shipping charge.

Owners Tom Lotrecciano and Joe Schmidt started the company in September 2003 and have reproduced about 25,000 photos from all over the world, including Europe and South Africa.

By Michelle Ramos, Star-Bulletin

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Isle interiors in the spotlight

Pick up the January/February 2005 ($5.95) issue of Western Interiors and Design magazine for a glimpse of a couple of island interiors, one commercial and one residential.

The magazine's writers visit the Turtle Bay Resort's cottages, designed by Michael S. Smith to resurrect the look of Hawaiian hotels of the '40s through '60s. Too much of Hawaii's aloha style has been sacrificed so that commercial spaces now look "like they could be in Palm Springs or Las Vegas," Smith laments in the article.

Then it's a drive back to Honolulu, where a Tantalus home designed by Vladimir Ossipoff demonstrates the intersection between artistry and functionality for a kama'aina family.

In 1951, Ossipoff worked to create an interior space that would allowinteraction with outside elements, a notion regaining popularity today.

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