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Saturday, January 8, 2005

How to handle past, present and future

Da past: Don't worry, you can't change it.

Da present: Be thankful for what you've got.

Da future: Don't worry, it won't be settled until the day you die.

So, the main ting is fo' 2005 to be mo' betta dan 2004, no?

Also, the war in Iraq should be resolved quickly so that all the men and women serving in the armed forces can come home soon, then all things goin' be better than mo' betta, yea?!

Tetsuji Ono

We can all pitch in for tsunami relief

If every household in America donated just $1 from each member toward the South Asia earthquake/tsunami cause, more than $280 million could be sent to this very worthwhile cause.

The sooner something like this is done, the better, since lives are being lost each minute. In Hawaii, we can begin today. With more than 1 million in population, Hawaii can donate more than $1 million.

Donations can be made payable to the American Red Cross International Response Fund, 4155 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu HI 96816.

If we realize that we all belong to a one-world family, giving to those in another country is the same as giving to someone in our own local family. We are one family.

Lorrin L. Lee

It's up to us all to keep things tidy

I read with interest Cynthia Oi's column "The city belongs to us all; so do its problems" ("Under the Sun," Star-Bulletin, Jan. 5). The complaint of the Kaimuki shopkeeper, that it is someone else's responsibility, apparently is a prevalent attitude. Years ago I lived in Germany with my family. At that time what impressed me was the cleanliness. Shopkeepers were observed each morning cleaning the area in front of their stores before opening.

Let's have some pride, folks. Please take responsibility; pick up and clean up. Clean the junk out of those carports, pick up that beach trash, keep a trash bag in your car for disposal, and keep the area around your businesses and homes clean and healthy. You are setting an example for the younger generation.

Pat Blair

Bush plan will ruin Social Security

I am appalled by President Bush's plan to dismantle Social Security. It is especially troubling in light of how he has single-handedly created one of the greatest budget deficits in our country's history, while at the same time wiping out one of the largest surpluses ever.

I can only hope that Bush and the Republican Party are not successful in their bid to bring misery to future generations of Americans. Americans must stand up and stop this lunacy!

Bob Underwood
Kaunakakai, Molokai

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