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Thursday, December 23, 2004

High-rise balconies should be banned

When will we stop building high-rises with a big hole in the outside wall, commonly referred to as a "lanai"? Three-year-old Eddie Reiser III fell through one such hole a couple of days before Thanksgiving; a 2-year-old four months ago; a teenage cheerleader on Maui; and remember Eric Clapton's 2-year-old son and Michael Jackson with his son on a lanai. We require elaborate restraints for children in automobiles, but allow high-rises that are potential death traps for children, and even more frequently for adults. I would like to start a campaign in memory of Eddie Reiser III, "No More Dangerous High-Rises." Parents cannot always think the unthinkable.

Paul M. Gundlach

H-1 wreck points to need for fixed rail

On Tuesday night I spent an hour and 10 minutes driving from my office in Kalihi to my home in Mililani after killing three hours in town to avoid the traffic caused by the afternoon fatality on the H-1 Freeway.

Our city was crippled and immobilized by one traffic accident on our main arterial freeway. The costs and inconveniences suffered by all illustrate one point succinctly: Commuters need other options than driving. A fixed guideway rail system would have allowed parents to pick up their stranded children earlier, let shoppers be merry and allowed weary workers the option to get home.

I was stranded in town. A lot of us were. Once the H-1 went down, we all had no hope. Eastbound, westbound, our city was pa'a (stuck). What a quality of life.

Jon Nouchi

World would be better with one government

Regarding the Dec. 18 article "China moves to bar secession," stating that communist China "will take possible military action if Taiwan declares independence. ... The United States has pledged to defend Taiwan if the mainland attacks." It would not matter since Iran and Israel will be at war within 10 years, communist China and Russia have an agreement to defend Iran, and the U.S. has a defense agreement with Israel. This will lead to World War III.

Defense treaties between nations, as mentioned above, will defeat the purpose of the United Nations to prevent World War III, thus wasting our taxpayers' money used to support the United Nations.

Perhaps the only way to attain world peace is by having a one-world government with highly principled leaders possessing high intelligence, common sense and humility. The trillions of dollars saved by not engaging in war between countries could be put to the betterment of all mankind.

Wilbert W.W. Wong

Let us all celebrate, whatever our faith

In this day and age, I find it rather funny that more and more my fellow Christians take exception to the term "Happy Holidays!" I find it comforting that the birth of Christ is celebrated at all. I know that Happy Holidays affirms the fact that there are many faiths out there that also celebrate their traditions, be they secular or sacred, and that to share this time with all who believe or don't if that be the case.

It is by no means my job to convince anyone of their belief system, and in turn I expect to be respected even if I beg to differ. The date on which we celebrate our Lord and Savior is a sacred one to those who believe in the Son of God, the Christ if you will. It is meant as a time for all Christians to remember and celebrate the fact that God chose to make himself flesh for all to see and know and in that knowledge realize the love that the father has for his children. It is by no means the actual date of birth.

So before we all get our collective tights in a stretch, ease up and remember the birth or our Christ and celebrate in whatever manner you wish to as a Christian, and leave the rest up to God.

Charles K. Ka'upu
Lahaina, Maui

Bring mainland team to play local school

It would be excellent to arrange a leading high school mainland football team to play the top local high school football in Hawaii. It could be used to compare the caliber of local high school football teams. The local fans would love to see such a game.

How Tim Chang

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