Saturday, December 4, 2004


of Cool

Kalo Deleon
20, college student

Kara Fujimoto
19, college student

Lisa Olivera
20, college student

Should other artists follow inthe footsteps
of Jay-Z and Linkin Park?

"It's alright. Some stuff doesn't match ... but I can appreciate good music."

"Yeah. I think Hoobastank and Alicia Keys ... would be crazy."

"Yeah. It's good. (But) it's a marketing ploy."

Yes or no? If you believe in love at first sight,
you never stop looking.

"No ... it's bogus. I think attraction at first sight is real; love takes time."

"No. You should love someone for their soul and not for their face."

"Yes. There might be someone better out there."

What kind of nightclub do you want
to see open in Honolulu?

"I'm not really the club type. I'd like to see a live band, cruising (type of club)."

"I think maybe a cleaner bar, maybe less (emphasis on) alcohol. Maybe different options with food and drinks and stuff."

"A nice one! Like clean carpets and no crap on the ground. The crowd and general ambience (is important)."

Barometer of Cool appears on Saturdays.
Compiled by Jason Genegabus.

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