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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Dems' mailing is unfair to Pendleton

I am a constituent of Republican Rep. David Pendleton's. He has served our community with distinction. We are lucky to have such a hard-working, honest and bright member serving our district. The Democrat Party recently mailed misleading postcards to my home claiming Pendleton missed 1,022 legislative votes. This number includes missed "first reading" votes, which happen before bills get to committee. During first reading, legislators cannot vote "no" or speak to the substance of the bill. These are not substantive votes.

Democrats could have been honest by mentioning there are 3,000 first-reading votes a session. Pendleton's attendance for all bill readings, committees and community meetings is probably over 95 percent. It's a shame the Democrats must tell half-truths to try to get Pono Chong elected. That's not good. It's certainly not pono.

Mark G. Valencia

GOP mailings stoop to a new low

Much has been written this political season about the politics of fear in the presidential election. The Hawaii Republican party has jumped on the fear bandwagon, sending out outrageously offensive propaganda in support of its candidate for House District 24, Nadine Nishioka. A mailing our family received recently has a picture of a scary-looking guy poking a black leather glove through a broken window with the text "Kirk Caldwell wants you to meet your new neighbor," followed by implications that Rep. Caldwell supports criminals taking over our homes.

The state Republican party and their candidate should be ashamed for implying that Caldwell is on the "side" of criminals (the back of the mailing asks "Whose side is Caldwell on?") and that voting for him will send our neighborhoods into dark havens for drug dealers.

This type of mailing shows the level Republicans will stoop to for political gain. We are not stupid enough to believe this garbage.

Clare Hanusz

Sender of e-mail slur should lose his job

It is with a certain embarrassment that we should hear the words used by an official in the state of Hawaii (a Kauai police commissioner) to describe other officials, based on personal bias ("E-mail slurs Kauai's top cop," Oct. 27). E-mail is not private -- this is the 21st century.

Sure, it happened on Kauai, but we are one state, close, through family and friends. You could not find an individual in this state who has friends only of their own race or views.

The incident is a reminder that the adults in our society are the ones supporting racial bias and racial hatred.

I teach my son understanding and tolerance, because not all people are created the same but we all want to be treated with kindness and understanding.

The individual on Kauai should be removed from his office and feel the shame he rightfully brought onto himself through bad choices I would not tolerate from my 5-year-old.

When will we as a society stop the stink-mindedness?

Douglas Schott

HGEA chief keeps playing the same tune

In Hawaii Government Employees Association Executive Director Russell Okata's Oct. 28 letter to the editor, he beats the Democratic war drum. "Bang, bang, bang! Vote for Democrats! Democrats good, Republicans all bad! Bang, bang, bang!" It's the old union/Democrat cry for the faithful to run and muster up.

The Democratic Party had choke control of Hawaii's politics for nearly 40 years, and had more than ample time to be do-gooders for this state; but it failed on so many fronts to deliver what kept getting promised. I'm sorry, but my ears have grown deaf to that old gong.

Mark Marziale



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