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Cheryl Niggle calls her crystal ball Isis, after the Egyptian goddess. She says the ball told her its name 17 years ago when she first obtained it.

Gaze into our crystal ball

Local psychics predict big things in
worldwide, national and isle events

The relationship between planetary motion and human activity is a subject of great debate, with nary a truce between believers and nonbelievers. Yet who isn't tantalized by the possibility of "seeing" the future?

Tarot card reader Pamela Higa Johnson says some behavioral science is involved in making personal predictions. "Some situations are karmic, or meant to be, but the greater portion of our lives are a consequence of our choices," she explained. "The only reason it is possible to make predictions for anyone at all is because most people are quite fixed in their beliefs and their behavior. Therefore, their future can oftentimes be seen."

It doesn't take a whole lot of extrasensory ability, for instance, to figure out career trajectories for someone who performs well in school and is ambitious, vs. someone who drops out of school and steals.

Good or bad, those scenarios can be changed before they become reality, Johnson said.

Astrologers and psychics are busy at New Year's with clients anxious to know what the year holds. Here is what some have to say about 2004:

Cheryl Niggle


>> Got Mufi? "Honolulu is likely to say yes, and Hannemann will add the title of Hizzoner to his name. Hannemann will continue to be dogged by health problems but should be in good shape to take over City Hall come fall."

>> "It looks like that cute little dog in the Central Pacific Bank commercial will be using one of City Bank's teal benches as a chew toy when CPB takes over CB."

>> The Kamehameha Schools ohana will continue to be rocked with emotional upsets early this year. "Their newly appointed CEO, Dee Jay Mailer, is an excellent choice to lead them through their difficulties. She will lead with strength, determination and compassion and will be able to bring disaffected alumni and supporters back into the fold."

>> The local economy will continue to improve at a slow but steady pace. Retail and restaurants will fare best. "Construction will remain fairly flat, but we will see an influx of time-share projects in 2004 that will help grow the local economy."

>> The state Department of Health will forge a new partnership with a mainland entity that will benefit the local population, especially in diabetes research and management.

>> Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona will continue to impress. His political acumen will increase.

>> Tourism will continue to improve. The best markets will be China, Canada and parts of Europe, such as Poland and Russia. The Japanese market will show no real growth. "The state will step up efforts to market Hawaii as a sports destination, placing more emphasis on bowl games, running events, golf events, boat races and basketball tournaments."

>> "Hotel occupancy will not be hurt by the entry of Norwegian Cruise Lines, as some in the hotel industry people fear." NCL will stimulate the economy with thousands of jobs and revenue from passengers.

>> The new Island Air, recently spun off from Aloha Airlines, will do well, especially if it does not compete head to head with Aloha or Hawaiian, concentrating instead on day-long trips to the neighbor islands.


>> Major discoveries about the oceans will encourage environmental groups in their efforts to preserve these resources. "The ocean is one of our least utilized resources, but we can start to 'farm' it without damaging the ecosystem through the growth of cold-water technologies."

>> Local golf wiz kid Michelle Wie will only get better at her game, without sacrificing her sweet and unaffected personality.

>> President Bush needs to watch out for a sudden change in his health early this year. This will not affect his re-election bid.

>> Another terrorist attack could be attempted against the United States in the next two months, this time involving a ship or boat, but it will be intercepted by U.S. law enforcement.


>> Actor Christopher Reeve will walk again in 2004 due to new therapy and treatment.

>> Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz will split up in 2004 because of Tom's lack of commitment. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutchner will end their relationship but remain good friends.

>> Hawaii will come in third behind Canada and New Zealand for the title of "New Hollywood. "The state of Hawaii could infuse more life into the islands as a movie and television location with more aggressive marketing to the powers that be in Los Angeles."

"Take a look again at your dreams and goals, reassess if you need to, and begin to move forward again. Opportunities to create good foundations abound, especially through Sept. 25." --Alice Inoue, Astrologer

Alice Inoue


>> "The planet Uranus, known as the awakener, made its final entry on Dec. 31, 2003, into the sign of Pisces (a feminine energy representing peace, compassion and spirituality), an every-84-year occurrence. This represents a big-picture shift in 2004 that will shake up the systems we are accustomed to, sweeping away old, outdated structures."

The last time this happened, women gained the right to vote. This time, women will come into more positions of leadership, bringing more feminine energy and a shift away from war.

>> People will be searching for greater purpose in their lives, leading to a shift away from materialism and toward inward enlightenment.

>> The year will bring continued examination of those in high-profile positions who have not been acting with integrity. This will occur in the religious sector, the corporate world and government institutions once considered "unshakable."


>> Reorganization or consolidation will occur in the hotel and restaurant industries, especially among larger companies, so that they remain profitable.

>> Conflicts involving the United States will intensify, especially in January, May and November. It's likely the war will continue through the year.


>> Saturn, the planet known to take away excesses, will be in the sign of Cancer (associated with housing and food) until mid-2005. When Saturn was in Gemini (associated with communication), the telecommunications industry and Internet economy faltered. Now that Saturn has moved on, those industries will thrive once again.

>> Property values won't increase as much as last year, and the housing bubble could burst in late May or early June, marking the beginning of a decline lasting into 2005. "Buyers will benefit much more than sellers as we get deeper into the year."

>> "Things such as intuition, ESP, Eastern medicine, alternative healing, reiki, feng shui, aromatherapy, astrology, etc., will not be so quickly dismissed by critics." Public discussion about these topics, metaphysics and spirituality will move to the forefront.

>> The dollar may show signs of strengthening in the spring but will continue its decline. But gold will reach a high, and the stock market will rally above 2003 levels.

>> Business profits will come mostly from cost reduction, not revenue generation, so a reduction in unemployment is unlikely. "This is a year to regroup, especially if you have been thrown off course in the last few years.

"Take a look again at your dreams and goals, reassess if you need to and begin to move forward again. Opportunities to create good foundations abound, especially through Sept. 25. The energies this year are excellent for self-development, inner growth and for adopting new habits that will allow you to connect with who you really are."

Pamela Higa Johnson
Tarot card reader/psychic


>> It will be a year of mixed blessings, with economic growth overall but financial and personal crisis for many. The economy will continue to strengthen. The real estate market will stabilize, but prices will remain strong or at least hold their ground. Housing prices will flatten toward year-end.

>> The divide between haves and have-nots will widen, with more people being edged out of paradise. Homelessness and hunger will grow. The Legislature will attempt to tackle these problems, but a solution will be almost impossible.

>> Crime will increase as a result of the drug epidemic. Although public awareness improves, it will not bring lasting solutions.


>> The Iraq war will continue to bleed the nation financially, politically and emotionally. George Bush will be re-elected, although his second term will not be easy. Scandal will plague his administration.

>> The economy will strengthen early in the year, then falter.

>> Look to the East for more political turmoil, particularly regarding Korea.

>> Despite more scandal on Wall Street, the stock market will grow stronger.

>> More devastating fires and possibly earthquakes will occur on the West Coast. India and China will have major earthquakes.

>> Famine and AIDS in Africa will worsen, with millions of people dead by year's end. The world economy will go into a tailspin, then stabilize but remain precarious.

>> A temporary peace may be reached in the Middle East but will not last, and conflict will escalate. The United States will face continued criticism over Iraq, and enemies abroad will multiply.

Sue Simmons uses numerology and astrology to chart possibilities. She says this year is a "six" year (2+0+0+4=6), which usually means a focus on family, community and health.

Sue Simmons
Astrologer and numerologist

In numerology, the universal year follows a nine-year cycle. This year is a "six" year (2+0+0+4=6). Last year was a "five" year, marked by change, including more sweeping changes since FDR's New Deal, involving privacy, environmental, tax, Social Security, Medicare, voting, school, work, reproductive and corporate laws, and many others.

This won't be a year for big changes because energy will be spent absorbing and balancing changes of 2003. It may seem that things are at a standstill, individually and nationally.

Sometimes the adjustment in a "six" year is accomplished by war: 1914 and 1941 were "six" years, marked by the beginnings of World Wars I and II. Other times, the balancing is accomplished peacefully. The number two in 2004 bodes well for diplomacy and cooperation.

The focus in a "six" year is on family, children, community, service and health. It is a year to straighten out emotional difficulties with others, listen to others' troubles and try to help. It is the best year for marriage and to deal with home improvement and income opportunities. This need for responsibility and attention to duty can feel restrictive.

The year will get off to a slow start. March, June and September are the most positive months, while May brings stressful changes. It is important to finish any projects remaining from last year or started this year.

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