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Friday, October 3, 2003

Let fans have their Rainbows for a game

I know University of Hawaii football coach June Jones and his players prefer the jagged "H" logo and the manlier Warriors nickname, but many longtime fans felt alienated when the Rainbows name and symbol were dropped.

The UH sports marketing department might win back some fans by using the annual homecoming game as an excuse to break out the old 'Bows uniforms and nickname. Call it "Retro-Bows Night." Sell T-shirts and merchandise with the old logo on it. The NFL has cashed in on the retro thing, so why can't the UH?

It would also be nice to hear fans chanting "Let's go 'Bows!" and doing that "Rain ... Bows" call-and-response cheer again, even if it's just for one game. "Let's go Warriors" just doesn't work and will never catch on.

So let June and his players have their "H" and call themselves Warriors if it makes them feel tougher. But why not give the fans what they want, at least for one game each season?

Go 'Bows!

Rich Figel

Jones is top-notch and deserves his pay

Much has been said about how much the University of Hawaii will pay coach June Jones. I have to state that if the local fans want to keep the UH Warriors in the winning column and avoid returning to those dark years of not so long ago, his pay has to be where it is. He's a top-notch coach.

So, let's make a write-in poll for those who care about UH football, and let's see how many of us would like to see our team return to those days of getting steamrolled yet again by whoever comes to town; or staying the course with Jones and winning eight or 10 games and going to a bowl. Not to mention building a winning tradition and placing more players in the pro ranks.

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Al Reyes,
Wailuku, Maui

Leave Nature Reserve to birds and fish

It should be a matter of policy of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources that if Natural Area Reserves change their focus from being reserves protected for all of the people of Hawaii and their descendants. Then there ought to be public hearings about proposed changes. Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve has been opened to kayaking (Star-Bulletin, Sept. 23).

That area was designated as pristine and fragile when it was taken into the Reserve system. Now the parking lots and trail to the benches are full of jagged and uneven rocks and the benches along the shore show destruction of marine life because of too many feet walking on them. Are we waiting for people to fall and kayakers to have accidents before the state will close it off?

Nearly 10 years ago a colleague and I did a survey for the Reserve on the marine algae, and we found 124 species, of which 2 genera were reported for the first time from the Hawaiian islands, and 15 species were new records for the Hawaiian islands. The total number of species is the largest that we have found for any area in the Hawaiian islands, testifying to the water quality, low pollution and good water motion of 10 years ago. The article in the paper mentions declining water and pollution values. It doesn't require another biological survey to conclude that the major change is greater use of the Reserve.

Hanauma Bay was rescued from decline; Ahihi-Kinau could be, too.

Isabella A. Abbott
Department of Botany
University of Hawaii

Child should spread her insight on 'ice'

This is in response to the letter to the editor sent in by Julia Keakealani Bissen ("Kids get the message from film on 'ice'," Sept. 30). That letter brought tears to my eyes! Although I don't do that devastating drug, I have witnessed its effects.

Julia, please share your feelings and insights with your friends and anyone you know. Mahalo!

Ted Dendle

Let U.S. contractors pay the $87 billion

Let's say your neighbors throw a spectacular, catered party with a band, security and valet parking, and you don't get invited. Guests cars are ending up on your front lawn and the band and party noise keeps you up until 3 a.m. A week goes by and you get a bill for the party!

It's like President Bush creating an opportunity for his supporters to carry on business and profit in Iraq while you pick up the $87 billion-plus tab to rebuild the country he damaged during an invasion he claimed was necessary.

Under the guise of fighting terrorism, the Bush administration is terrorizing the poor and middle classes in America, demanding sacrifice as our brave military lay down their lives for Bechtel, Halliburton and others. Soon the franchises that dot the American landscape will be opening in Iraq along with new factories, taking more jobs out of the United States, and Bush supporters will profit off these ventures.

Since businesses are benefitting from the Iraqi invasion, why can't corporate America pick up the $87 billion-plus tab? Ask your congressman to make it happen.

Smoky Guerrero

He can act, they say, but can he lead?

I wish I were a Kellifornian
So I could vote for gov.
I'd bet on Schwarzenegger
A star I dearly love.
But can he lead a state this size
Without being dubbed a flop?
Or is he just The Terminator
And Kindergarten Cop?

Wanda Kulamanu Ellis Au




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