Dave Donnelly

Sunday, July 27, 2003

1969: Forget
kitchen sink,
KCCN bidder
wants banyan

NEGOTIATIONS between radio station KCCN and representatives of Clare Boothe Luce have apparently fallen through. It seems the widow of Time magazine co-founder Henry Luce wanted not only the station, but the banyan tree in the International Market Place in which it's located. But the station couldn't sell her the tree because they don't own it -- they merely pay rent, so no dice. (July 28, 1969) ...

WHEN Michael Parks was at Kaneohe for the motorcycle races Sunday, he was introduced to one of his smallest but biggest "Bronson" fans: a 5-year-old girl with leukemia. Parks gave her a silver ring from Mexico he was wearing and told her she had pretty eyes. "God gave them to me," the girl replied. (July 28, 1970) ...

PRETTY Tina Chen, the real star of "The Hawaiians," sounds like a women's lib supporter, judging from a recent quote: "There is an old Chinese saying that when you are young you must honor your father, when you marry you must honor your husband and when you are old you must honor your son. The Chinese woman traditionally has been nothing but a piece of property." ... And a new bumper sticker has been sighted that says, "Fire Burns." We're still trying to figure out if it is a plug for precautionary measures around flames, or a political suggestion. (July 31, 1970) ...

THE prime minister of Fiji was pleased to see the Fijian flag he presented to the Kahala Hilton last year flying during his weekend stay at the hotel. (Aug. 3, 1971) ... Watching TV can be enlightening. Master bread maker Fritz Vinken, for instance, recalled with a touch of irony while watching the Watergate hearings that "Ehrlichman" in his native German means "honest man." (July 30, 1973) ... Zulu was making some TV commercials recently in the sound booth of Cine-Pic Studios on Pacific Heights Road, and while warming up he told a few spicy stories. If they could been marketed as party records, Zulu could make a fortune -- even Redd Foxx may blush. (Aug. 2, 1974) ...

THE big number in the musical "Man of La Mancha" is "The Impossible Dream," and the impossible dream of the La Mancha restaurant must be the thought of anyone ordering "Salad Bar Only," as it's listed on the menu. You can buy a number of sandwiches that include the salad bar for from $2.50 to $2.95, and complete lunches including salad bar and beverage for from $3.25 to $3.95. But to order "Salad Bar Only," the tariff is $3.50 ... And the fancy restaurant with the fancy name, Epicurean Consensus, is set to open for business Aug. 5 in Puck's Alley, which proprietors Gil Johnson and Tom Horton have re-dubbed Puck's Ruelle in the best French restaurant tradition. (July 28, 1976) ...

A FREE public lecture Tuesday at the Waikiki-Kapahulu Library has the eye-catching title "In Defense of Unnatural Acts Between Consenting Animals." The Zoo Hui is sponsoring the talk by Dr. Hal Markowitz, of the Portland Zoological Gardens in Oregon. The Zoo Hui, incidentally, describes itself as "a self-styled flock of odd birds who help the Honolulu Zoo with supplementary funds for new animals, displays, seminars and educational projects." (July 30, 1976) ...

PEOPLE who call the home of Carol Kimball, of Mike McCormick Realtors, frequently find themselves disconnected after the phone has rung a few times. Hawtel isn't to blame, however; YoYo, Carol's cat, is the culprit. Either YoYo doesn't like the sound of the ring or is just trying to answer the phone. (July 31, 1980) ...

FUNNY story on the Olympics from Tony Kornheiser in the Washington Post. He took a few items to a laundry and was told he'd have to pay in advance. Fine, he said, but blanched when told it would cost him $48. You think they might have upped the prices in Barcelona due to the Olympics? Said Kornheiser, "For 48 bucks I not only expect my underwear to be personally delivered, I expect Charo to be modeling it." (July 30, 1992) ...

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