Monday, July 21, 2003

Paddlers pushed off yesterday at the start of the men's novice A race at the OHCRA Championships at Keehi Lagoon.

Outrigger wins
when it matters most

The club makes the final
OHCRA meet its first
victory of the year

With a victory in yesterday's Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association championship, the Outrigger Canoe Club redeemed a regatta season devoid of wins.

In the final scramble to qualify as many crews as possible for the state championship in two weeks, Outrigger also managed to put everything together to sneak away with the OHCRA championship by two points.

In beautiful conditions at Keehi Lagoon, the perennial power flexed its muscle when it counted and won nine races en route to scoring 75 points for the Oahu championship. Kailua, the winner of two regattas this season, tallied 73 points and seven race victories to come in second. Hui Lanakila also won seven races but finished four points back with 69 points. Lanikai, the winner in six previous regattas, amassed 62 points. Hui Nalu rounded out the top five with 45 points.

In the A division, Wakiki Surf Club cruised to victory with 18 points and three race wins (15 and 18 girls, freshman women).

"It takes us awhile to get everybody going, get everybody focused. When we finally do, we perform well," Outrigger coach Anthony Hunt said. "We're going to try to do better at that next year. If we could win at the beginning of the year, we'd do it. We try every week, but there's just something about us."

Outrigger has a reputation for starting sluggishly before blazing through the second half of the regatta season. Last year, Outrigger was winless before clinching three regattas in a row and the OHCRA championship to close out the season. Including yesterday's win, Outrigger has captured seven of the last nine Oahu championships.

Outrigger Canoe Club's senior women pushed ahead to win their race yesterday at Keehi Lagoon.

Yesterday's regatta was typical of the season. Through 16 races, Outrigger sat in fourth place, 12 points behind the regatta leader with 23 points. But Hunt said that his men's and women's open programs turned the tide for Outrigger. Six of the nine race victories came from the adults.

The freshman men's crew of Mike Nakano, Mike Kane, John Wacker, Brady Jencks, Robi Solmssen and Zach Payne started the comeback by winning its race by a second. From there, Outrigger took second in the next two events, before sweeping the junior men's and women's races.

The senior women's crew of Mary Smolenski, Lisa Livingston, Malia Kamisugi, Traci Phillips, Donna Kahakui and Kisi Haine completed the afternoon assault with a 13-second victory over Hui Nalu.

"Our open men and women's programs, no question, provided the bulk of our strength today," Hunt said. "We were in position after our kids programs to be able to make a move. Our men's and women's programs stepped it up a couple of notches."

Outrigger actually won 10 races but was later disqualified in event 33, the 55 mixed, after video replay showed the crew had outside assistance at the beginning of the race. The infraction reduced the final margin of victory but did not change the outcome. It was Outrigger's only disqualification of the day.

"The DQs (disqualifications) will just kill you," Hunt said.

Mistakes cost Kailua the OHCRA championship. The club from the windward side led 65-64 after 32 events but was disqualified in the 55 mixed. Though Kailua crossed the finish line in third place, it lost two points for a false start. Kailua also lost three points earlier in the day for another false start. The five-point differential could have been sufficient for the club's first OHCRA crown since 2000.

"It's always good to be close at the end," Kailua coach Jimmy Bruhn said. "We had some unfortunate DQs and mental mistakes on our part. DQs are part of the game. We're not here to make excuses because they beat us. They stepped it up. Outrigger is tough. You can't count them out."


Oahu Championships
At Keehi Lagoon
Team standings
Division AA--1. Outrigger, 75. 2. Kailua, 73. 3. Hui Lanakila, 69. 4. Lanikai, 62. 5. Hui Nalu, 45. 6. Keahiakahoe, 30. 7. Healani, 21.
Division A--1. WaikikiSurf, 18. 2. Anuenue, 7. 3. Leeward Kai, 4. 4. Waimanalo, 3. 5. New Hope, 1. 6. (tie) Honolulu, Makaha and Puuloa, 0.
12-and-under--1. Lanikai (Mina Gould, Kyle Landers, Cody Meek, Ryan Murphy, Max Rausch, Taylor Vitale), 2.10.45. 2. Kailua, 2.03.23. 3. Keahiakahoe, 2.08.09. 4. Outrigger, 2:20.53.
13--1. Keahiakahoe (D.J. Silva, Kawika Sayers, Lionell Garcia, Lyle Kitagawa, Kapili Olson, La'a Kahookele), 2:06.53. 2. Lanikai, 2:11.24. 3. Kailua, 2:23.64. 4. Hui Lanakila, 2:25.52.
14--1. Keahiakahoe (Kawaika Vierra, Dustin Hauki, Kapili Kalahiki-Anthony, John Kupau, Charles Ulmer, Daniel Estacado), 1:52.64. 2. Lanikai, 1:56.53. 3. Waikiki Surf, 2:01.18. 4. Outrigger, 2:02.76.
15--1. Lanikai (Kai Aluli, Ben Creps, Geoffrey Long, Sevren Smith, Dane Sultzer, Myles Vogelgesang), 3:48.45. 2. Kailua, 3:51.25. 3. Keahiakahoe, 3:59.27. 4. Hui Nalu, 4:03.61.
16--1. Kailua (Thomas Chang, Kaipo Chong, Nainoa Chong, Brandon Lima, Kalani Kaanaana, Andrew Aiu), 3:53.06. 2. Outrigger, 3:55.09. 3. Lanikai, 3:55.76. 4. Hui Nalu, 4:12.62.
18--1. Outrigger (Peter Van Lier Ribbink, Cutter Rolles, Robby Field, Kapono Brown, Darragh O'Carroll, Billy Lawson), 7:36.82. 2. Kailua, 7:38.52. 3. Lanikai, 7:51.27. 4. Hui Nalu, 8:06.36.
12--1. Kailua (Brittani Morse, Dominique Kalale-Webster, Cortney Singlehurst, Skye Cameron, Elina Bee, Dani Hazama), 2:23.92. 2. Keahiakahoe, 2:27.42. 3. Leeward Kai, 2:29.75. 4. Anuenue, 2:31.52.
13--1. Lanikai (Gina Coscinam Gabrielle DeHeart, Claire Dewey, Elizabeth Hawkins-Mahaulu, Meghann Lau, Zoe Tomar), 2:16.40. 2. Keahiakahoe, 2:21.93. 3. Outrigger, 2:33.39. 4. Hui Lanakila, 2:36.53.
14--1. Outrigger (Jessica Cleghorn, Amanda Harris, Jessica Lunt, Abbie Lin, Noelle Fowler, Amy Wessberg), 2:08.10. 2. Keahiakahoe, 2:09.37. 3. Kailua, 2:13.36. 4. Healani, 2:14.14.
15--1. Waikiki Surf (Waianuhea Lyau, Kehau Meyers, Raeanne Cobb-Adams, Leanne Pratt, Reya Liilii, Awapuhi Kalauli), 4:35.14. 2. Healani, 4:36.51. 3. Lanikai, 4:43.13. 4. Outrigger, 4:45.75.
16--1. Outrigger (Halli Van Lier Ribbink, Ginger Lunt, Kellen Fletcher, Sarah Harris, Dena Cassela, Meleana Carr), 4:22.03. 2. Healani, 4:34.25. 3. Hui Lanakila, 4:34.96. 4. Keahiakahoe, 4:37.81.
18--1. Waikiki Surf (Kanani Souza, Angie Chong, Kahana Na'auao, Krystal Timsing, Tristen Kumashiro, Lori Nakamura), 4:22.22. 2.Kailua, 4:32.30. 3. Lanikai, 4:32.67. 4. Healani, 4:33.46.
Novice A--1. Hui Lanakila (Robert Keller, Mark Riegel, Byron Martinez, Keoni Kuoha, Kekoa Lopez, Adam Treinen-Aca), 7:28.71. 2. Healani, 7:44.00. 3. Lanikai, 7:49.88. 4. Outrigger, 7:50.76.
Novice B--1. Hui Lanakila (Kalai Fernandez, Craig Colburn, Kaleo Cambra, Thomas Sedeno, Lance Takara, Sydney Kinimaka), 3:47.57. 2. Anuenue, 3:48.00. 3. Healani, 3:48.44. 4. Lanikai, 3:49.02.
Freshmen--1. Outrigger (Mike Nakano, Mike Kane, John Wacker, Brady Jencks, Robi Solmssen, Zach Payne), 7:14.08. 2. Hui Lanakila, 7:15.75. 3. Kailua, 7:19.36. 4. Hui Nalu, 7:37.83.
Sophomore--1. Hui Lanakila (Sam Alama, Jed Gushman, Mike Hangai, Kalama Heine, Manny Kulukulualani, Tomas Schlotman), 6:54.38. 2. Outrigger, 7:02.02. 3. Kailua, 7:47.64. 4. Hui Nalu, 8:34.21.
Junior--1. Outrigger (Tim Twigg-Smith, Jim Austin, Jim Beaton, Jeff Brown, Mike Beyer, Scott Hendricks), 7:03.73. 2. Hui Lanakila, 7:10.44. 3. Lanikai, 7:17.20. 4. Hui Nalu, 7:17.91.
Senior--1. Hui Lanakila (Raven Aipa, Mike Hangai, Manny Kulukulualani, Leighton Look, Mel Puu, Tomas Schlotman), 11:01.18. 2. Lanikai, 11:09.22. 3. Outrigger, 11:10.33. 4. Kailua, 11:27.48.
Masters--1. Hui Lanakila (John Chang, Brad Cole, Jim Hewitt, Stephen Holbrook, Leighton Look, Greg Poole), 7:08.48. 2. Outrigger, 7:21.40. 3. Lanikai, 7:29.94. 4. Hui Nalu, 7:42.73.
Senior masters--1. Kailua (Hank Leandro, Boy Kalama, Harold Akeo, Ed Chung, Bob Thurston, Tom Conner), 3:55.80. 2. Hui Lanakila, 3:59.04. 3. Outrigger, 3:59.90. 4. Lanikai, 4:04.47.
Golden masters--1. Hui Lanakila (Eugene Elbinio, Billy Awa, George Haberman, Sword Murakami, Rodney Romans, Yama Yamasaki), 4:03.41. 2. Keahiakahoe, 4:11.68. 3. Outrigger, 4:14.44. 4. Anuenue, 4:14.99.
Open 4--1. Kailua (Mareus Souza, Dustin Dawson, Lyle Nicely, Kekama Akana), 4:00.47. 2. Lanikai, 4:05.08. 3. Keahiakahoe, 4:06.22. 4. Anuenue, 4:07.11.
Novice A--1. Kailua (Lisa Barney, Drae Kahae-Clemens, Kathy Novack, Dale Omohundro, Sara Yaeger, Jeanette Bean), 4:20.50. 2. Hui Lanakila, 4:24.07. 3. Hui Nalu, 4:24.59. 4. Waikiki Surf, 4:31.18.
Novice B--1. Kailua (Steph Pratt, Ann Zeigler, Leyla Samimi, Odessa Daniel, Collete Ching, Kelehua Kawai), 2:12.19. 2. Healani, 2:13.17. 3. Hui Lanakila, 2:14.99. 4. Lanikai, 2:17.73.Freshmen--1. Waikiki Surf (Mahealani Batlik, Leigh Lasher, Tia Ikeno, Arlene Holzman, Kelly Cluney, Maile DeMello), 8:33.92. 2. Hui Lanakila, 8:44.12. 3. Lanikai, 8:45.29. 4. Kailua, 8:49.49.
Sophomore--1. Hui Lanakila (Michelle Arnold, Vi Coito, Pauahi Ioane, Gina Johnson, Deborah Rosenblum, Katie Slocumb), 8:19.59. 2. Outrigger, 8:25.46. 3. Kailua, 8:26.01. 4. Hui Nalu, 8:33.79.
Junior--1. Outrigger (Traci Phillips, Paula Crabb, Lisa Livingston, Malia Kamisugi, Ine Miller, Missy Mowat), 8:28.75. 2. Kailua, 8:31.07. 3. Hui Nalu, 8:40.74. 4. Lanikai, 8:41.66.
Senior--1. Outrigger (Mary Smolenski, Lisa Livingston, Malia Kamisugi, Traci Phillips, Donna Kahakui, Kisi Haine), 13:05.92. 2. Hui Nalu, 13:18.10. 3. Hui Lanakila, 13:22.68. 4. Kailua, 13:45.43.
Masters--1. Hui Nalu (Gail Kaaialii, Patsy Vasquez, Marcia Omura, Kerina Salazar, Terry Bruesehoff, Denise Darval-Chang), 8:28.09. 2. Kailua, 8:39.74. 3. Outrigger, 9:19.34. 4. Lanikai, 9:47.45.
Senior masters--1. Hui Nalu (Nani Akeo, Patricia Chung, Nancy Rocheleau, KTScott, Debbie Kasnetz, Lita Blankenfeld), 4:55.42. 2. Lanikai, 5:01.53. 3. Waimanalo, 5:02.60. 4. Outrigger, 5:07.88.
Golden masters--1. Kailua (Sarah Jane Watson, Yvonne Keahi, Nani Olds, Shelly Gilman, Judy Thurston, Mary Martin), 4:56.94. 2. Hui Nalu, 5:01.06. 3. Outrigger, 5:01.72. 4. Waimanalo, 5:23.89.
Open 4--1. Outrigger (Sarah Rosa, Amy Lawson, Alicia Arnott, Kai Bourne), 4:49.49. 2. Kailua, 4:55.70. 3. Keahiakahoe, 4:56.44. 4. Hui Lanakila, 5:03.81.
12--1. Lanikai (Julia Anderson, Marlie Long, Hannah Smith, Jason Campbell, Ryan Dolan, Caton Smith), 2:15.98. 2. Hui Lanakila, 2:17.40. 3. Leeward Kai, 2:24.20. 4. Keahiakahoe, 2:24.76.
Open--1. Hui Nalu (Tracy Hollum, Emmaly Parker, Irene Curren, Chris Schlarb, Danny Loui, Bruce Blankenfeld), 3:59.36. 2. Kailua, 4:03.92. 3. Hui Lanakila, 4:10.02. 4. Lanikai, 4:14.80.
Novice B--1. Healani (Kristi Burris, Sarah Blane, Jon Borr, Brad Baker, Philip Maderni, Becky Gardner), 1:55.10. 2. Hui Nalu, 1:55.36. 3. Hui Lanakila, 1:58.37. 4. New Hope, 2:00.29.
Masters--1. Outrigger (Laurie Lawson, Rina Pan, Linda Fernandez, Jim Cavanah, Keoni Kino, Marc Haine), 4:04.18. 2. Hui Lanakila, 4:05.51. 3. Kailua, 4:06.82. 4. Lanikai, 4:13.65.
Golden masters--1. Hui Nalu (Ann Bowen, Maureen Kilcoyne, Patty Mowat, Mike Clifford, Mike Town, John Finney), 4:35.16. 2. Lanikai, 4:39.88. 3. Keahiakahoe, 4:53.36. 4. Anuenue, 5:11.69.

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