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Tuesday, July 8, 2003

Dobelle has broken trust of UH community

UH President Dobelle has finally been exposed with both hands in the till ("University of Hawaii's money crisis -- Dangerous Equations," Star-Bulletin, July 6). Why does that not surprise me? Perhaps I'm biased because Dobelle selected my former boss Sam Callejo as his high-priced assistant. When former Gov. Ben Cayetano (with the help of politico friends on the University's Board of Regents and persuasive Democrats elsewhere) hand-picked Dobelle for what should be a nonpolitical position, why do we wonder at the questionable decisions and money-making policies at UH that have followed?

Congratulations to all four article writers, who share a heartfelt interest in the success of the university, its staff, its students, its alumni and the taxpayers. The article only served as a reminder of a similar letter of "Broken Trust" and its repercussions at another, once politically entrenched institution.

President Dobelle's mismanagement of university funds and other questionable leadership decisions, if not criminal in nature, should at least be more than sufficient reason to nullify his contract and initiate his immediate dismissal.

Stephen N. Bischoff

Beware the return of the New Englanders

Many years ago, a small group of people came to Hawaii from New England to do good. It was said that they did well. They were called missionaries.

Recently a small group of people led by Evan Dobelle came from New England to do good at the University of Hawaii. According to the "Insight" article "Dangerous Equations" (Star-Bulletin, July 6) they also did well -- very well. Since they were not men of the cloth, they could not be called missionaries. Based on their financial success, possibly they could be called mercenaries.

Peter Knerr

True patriotism means not following blindly

Patriotism is not loyalty to a political party, an administration, a leader or a private agenda.

Patriotism is allegiance to the true spirit of the U.S.A., the principles expressed in our Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the words of our founders.

Patriotism recognizes, as Ben Franklin said, that "those who would give up liberty in exchange for security deserve neither."

A patriot knows tyrants use fear of an evil enemy to scare people into giving up rights, and that politicians who surrender our constitutional rights are the most dangerous enemy.

A patriot supports free speech and press where all sides have equal chance of being heard, not a system where a small group of mass media owners can manage national discussion to the point of shaping public opinion. A patriot knows denying other points of view is death for democracy.

The patriot knows we are all equal under the law; and that no one is above the law, not the police, not the judges, and especially not the president.

Daniel Grantham
Haiku, Maui

'Family' parade left out many children

Regarding the July 4 story "Judge says parade can exclude gay groups": We should value our alternative ohana.

It sounds to me as if the city conceived this parade to go along with its Family Day events and then the Hawaii Christian Coalition signed on and decided who would be allowed to march. If the parade is designed to celebrate children, we should not forget our children who come from alternative families, whether the child is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered or whether their parents are.

My own parents remain in a legal same-sex marriage after one of my parents came out as transgendered. This is the epitome of "family values" to me.

In a culture where being "mahu" is so special, it seems to me that this is another slap in the face to all Hawaiians.

Laurie Cicotello
Hastings, Neb.
Former Hawaii resident

Bring gays into church and learn from them

I have been reading and listening to both sides of the spectrum regarding the Christian Coalition being accused of "hate" by gay organizations. Allow me to put this into simple perspective.

Jesus loves everyone, regardless of who or what a person is. He loves gays, murderers, rapists, and wife beaters; however, God hates the sin. For example, homosexuality is a sin according to God. If one were to open his Bible and turn to the Book of Leviticus 18:22-29 and the Book of Romans 1:26-27, God is clear. No gray area there.

All true Christian churches will welcome any sinner into their flock so we all can learn what God teaches. A Christian church is NOT a haven for saints but a "hospital" for sinners. Remember, we didn't write the Bible, God did through men -- so please do not kill the messenger.

Bob Ruiz

Gays want their shot at American dream

The "homosexual agenda" is a tiresome, meaningless cliché that deserves to be retired. Gays want what most Americans want. To paraphrase our sister, the late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, what gays want is simple: Gays want an America as good as its promise.

Tom Dolan



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