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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Schools' policy on God is self-contradictory

There must be something wrong here, but I just can't seem to put my finger on it.

My sister-in-law cannot allow her third-grade students in a public school to include the phrase "One nation, under God" when they give their daily Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. Yet she, and tens of thousands of her fellow state and county employees, got a paid holiday on April 18 to celebrate Good Friday.

I guess it's OK as long as they didn't have to attend any religious celebrations on this day of commemoration, unless they wanted to.

Jim Pollock

Survival kits may help change school climate

Is it not clear to everyone the tremendous need for sound principles, promotion of character and the message of hope in the school environment? I would think that many would be overjoyed with the distribution at Hawaii schools of the Jesus Hawaii Project "Student Survival Kit."

I read recently that the Department of Education has placed police officers on some campuses in order to control the environment. I believe these kits could help teach the students how to govern themselves.

I have six children, five of whom were part of the school system in Hawaii. I have chosen for the last few years to home school. Just yesterday my 15-year-old son pensively remembered the effect of this environment on his life. He spoke of a desire to see change there. He recognized that the students are in need of something of significance that would improve their lives.

My hope is that adults and students alike will recognize the positive effect these kits can have on the school and community.

Theresa Smith
Captain Cook, Hawaii

Bingo could be a step toward legal gaming

The perennial issue of gambling in Hawaii can be reduced to simple terms and increase revenue for the state by initially legalizing bingo. Bingo always has been popular not just in Hawaii, but in other states such as Minnesota, which grossed $71,923,000 and netted $16,243,000. Anyone can confirm these statistics with the state of Minnesota.

Although Bingo is interpreted as "illegal" in Hawaii, the military clubs have circumvented the "legality" by issuing three bingo cards to patrons who purchase dinner or luncheon buffets. Consequently, the prizes are paid in cash. Other nonprofit organizations have used bingo in fund-raisers.

My suggestion is simple: The state licenses charitable, religious, veterans, military or other nonprofit organizations to pay a $100 fee to the Consumer Affairs Department; and appoints a gaming control board to monitor the intake of revenues (15-20 percent of the gross), which have to be paid to either the Department of Accounting and General Services or the Budget Office.

Tony Garcia

Maybe airline should turn in its wings

Has greed attacked Hawaiian Airlines? Why else would it spend so much money on new aircraft at a time when travel is at an all-time low? Perhaps it is time that Hawaiian Airlines retired from the business, since it can't keep an on-time schedule. It keeps passengers waiting at the airport and keeps charging higher rates for travel.

Now Hawaiian is asking the companies from whom it leases its new aircraft for lower rates so it can maintain flight schedules. What a joke. Even before 9/11 Hawaiian could never keep on schedule, and would always strand passengers.

The most-used excuse is, "Our flight crews have been in the air too long and the FAA requires them to have a rest period, and there are no additional crews left to fly the departure to Hawaii."

I would hate to see Hawaiian go under; however we need an airline that cares for its passengers. In travel, we don't need Hawaiian time.

Curtis R. Rodrigues

East Oahu needs cops, not beautification

Please, please, Mayor Harris, cancel your plan for a medial strip on Lunalilo Home Road. The people who live in Hawaii Kai, and other residents of East Oahu, need and want a police station to deal with the rising crime in East Oahu, not this "traffic-calming beautification" idea. We need police officers to calm traffic.

Please listen to the residents of East Oahu. Show you care a little for their welfare and what is needed. Don't waste our tax dollars on a needless medial strip.

Valoy Alexander Lewis LaFontaine


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