By Dave Donnelly

Sunday, December 29, 2002

1968: New Year’s Eve
brings tips for avoiding

SO, you're planning to go partying tonight. If you're planning to drink, and you don't want the granddaddy of all hangovers tomorrow, read what Business Week suggests: 1. Eat an hour or so before going to the party -- milk, cheese and lean meats. Olive oil is also recommended. The food will slow the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. 2. Avoid carbonated drinks -- they speed the absorption rate. 3. Take a nap, a hot and cold shower, drink lots of milk and chew a few antacid tablets before leaving home. 4. Important: Avoid alcohol if you're on tranquilizers or antihistamines. The combination could prove fatal. 5. Limit consumption -- use good sense. 6. Take a half-hour to finish your first drink. This helps to condition your body for what is to come. 7. Spread the drinks out instead of drinking fast at first and then coasting. 8. Drink several glasses of ice water during the evening. 9. Don't mix drinks. 10. Don't smoke -- it'll sharpen a hangover. And don't say we didn't warn you. Happy drinking. (Dec. 31, 1968) ...

A GUEST absent-mindedly asked host Joe Maltby at a New Year's Eve bash if he'd made any revolutions. Joe (who teaches English at the University of Hawaii) picked up on it at once and said, "Yes, I took a couple of spins around the block." (Jan. 3, 1969) ...

ARTHUR MURRAY is our guest on "The Green Room" tomorrow at 7 p.m. on ETV. The program consists of our strolling along the zoo fence one Saturday morning, chatting with local artists who hang their wares there. The most successful fence hanger is Hiroshi Tagami, who didn't show up last Saturday because the week before he sold out all his paintings. (Dec. 30, 1970) ...

THE enterprising baby-sitter of the Chuck Frankel family presented them with a novel Christmas present: a gift certificate good for one free night's baby-sitting. (Dec. 30, 1971) ... George Matsuoka, who managed the Pearl City Tavern for 10 years before it was sold to Japanese interests, has opened his own spot, Little George's, where Bentley's used to be on Ala Moana. He's specializing in seafood. (Jan. 2, 1973) ... Betsy Mitchell, the "blood lady" at the Blood Bank, reports the bank made it through Christmas all right but is in a deep slump now -- typical for the end of the year. She'll be happy to see anyone "willing to give of a bit of himself," as she puts it. All types of blood are needed. (Dec. 30, 1975) ...

OVER on the Big Island, newsman Cliff Bronson has been upped to assistant editor of West Hawaii Today. Bronson is remembered throughout the Kona area for saying of a Honolulu businessman who quit his career to return to college, "That guy's an academia nut." ... Magician David Copperfield celebrated more than New Year's Eve during his C'est Si Bon magic show Sunday night -- it was also his 21st birthday. (Jan. 3, 1978) ...

IS it possible that this is the last day of the decade? When you've been on holiday, the days just blend together, and four weeks pass quicker than you'd think possible. I was, of course, saddened to learn of the deaths of three friends -- Tom Hamilton, Ernie Washington and Hilo Hattie --during the time I was away, but those of us still here must march into the 1980s. (Dec. 31, 1979) ...

IT'S not like Dewey Kobayashi doesn't get any publicity. His Kitch'n Cook'd Potato Chips have been featured on the cover of Parade and on Page 1 of the Wall Street Journal. But without any effort from Dewey, it keeps on coming. Now Diversion, an excellent magazine aimed at "physicians at leisure," has put one of his chips on the cover of the December issue. The article entitled "The Best of Almost Everything" being on the cover where Kitch'n Cook'd is proclaimed "the tip-top chip" in the world. In addition, the store inside lists Haleakala as having the greatest sunrise. But sorry, Famous Amos. Diversion names Mrs. Fields as the best chocolate chip cookie. The piece brought back a personal memory for me when it named as the best ice cream concoction the tartuffo at Rome's Tre Scalini restaurant. One dozen years after having one there, I couldn't agree more. (Dec. 30, 1980) ...

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