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Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Common sense works better than lawsuits

Will someone please explain to me why people would enter a known risky area, such as Sacred Falls, and when a tragedy happens quickly point the finger at the state of Hawaii for failing to warn them of the known risks involved ("State cited for Sacred Falls," Star-Bulletin, Sept. 25)? Can't people use their common sense and accept responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming others?

Soon we will see warning signs on everything, whether it poses a hazard or not.

Michael Nomura

Gambling could help schools, employment

I think Hawaii lawmakers should look into the possibility of legalizing gambling in Hawaii. It is an explosive issue but one that needs to be addressed. Legalized gambling would raise much-needed revenue for the state.

As Hawaii economy becomes a greater problem and unemployment continues to rise, it would be wise to look at what the prospects of what legalized gambling can do for the state. It would help with funding public schools with much needed resources, equipment and building renovations. Legalized gambling would allow outside investment firms to build an enclosed, segregated resort/ casino facility. It would help produce 2,000 to 4,000 jobs.

Many think legalized gambling will tarnish the mystique and beauty of Hawaii. There is logic with that suggestion, but as with anything, strict controls and guidelines will be needed to prevent outside bad influences from corrupting our lifestyle. Also, we can use Las Vegas as a model, which uses legalized gambling as that state's main source of revenue.

A 20-year licensing period for one or two casino/resort gambling facilities would curb a wide-open environment such as Las Vegas. Allowing casinos in areas such as Ko Olina, Kona and Holomua also would eliminate a wide-open situation.

This may be an alternate way to produce revenues, promote Hawaii, and help improve our economy, our state schools and combat unemployment as well.

Lindsay Miller

Election 2002
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Some people will throw their votes away

The Democrats should be held liable for the $2 million it will cost should a special election become necessary. They knew the seriousness of Rep. Patsy Mink's condition but waited until the deadline to withdraw before making a statement.

I agree with Bob McDermott that he is running against a ghost, and since I see no purpose in voting for a ghost, I will vote for him. However, I do not agree with him that "the people of Hawaii are not stupid and will not throw their vote away." Look at all the people who voted for the status quo in the last election simply because their unions endorsed those candidates. These are educators who we entrust our children's education to and people of my ethnicity who vote within their ethnicity.

There are more fitting ways to pay tribute to Patsy Mink.

Gail M. Tajima

Journey into future begins with one vote

One of the most annoying habits is when someone presumes to speak for the people when the people are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves. One of the great changes during the past 50 years is that this society is no longer a community of uneducated, disempowered plantation workers who need leaders to speak for them. So while Mazie Hirono claims that Linda Lingle's latest ads are negative, I think many are reflecting that maybe this is simply the truth. Maybe we ought to get into the habit of listening and reflecting on these things instead of immediately dismissing them, going into denial, claiming they are merely politically inspired rumors, and countering, "Our record speaks for itself" -- which the more times said, begins to sound all the more like a broken record. And maybe, just maybe, it's time for a new tune to be played.

We need brave new leaders like Lingle and Duke Aiona who are going to say, "Not so fast. Yes, we want to see the pictures of beautiful Hawaii, but we're also willing to look at the not-so-nice pictures, and why people feel so hopeless and disempowered, because while surely we are blessed, there is the possibility of an even better Hawaii that we can achieve -- for surely, our greatest moments lie not only in the past but in the future."

The future is not just about Lingle/Aiona but is about everyone willing to accept the challenge of change. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single vote.

Onward and upward!

Mike Hu

Don't make a mockery of the election

In order to avoid a circus being made of the special election, ex-Governor John Waihee should decline to run for Patsy Mink's congressional seat. A current, exceptional, fully qualified momentum grabber, Ed Case, appears to be interested in the position. It is arguable that Republican voters cross-balloted to vote for Mazie Hirono in order that Ed Case not face a less skillful opponent, Linda Lingle. If that indeed was the case, the most highly regarded and popular candidate in the state remains Ed Case. The Democratic Party must unite around one candidate to ensure a victory for the party.

Nicholas Kolivas

Hirono should address tourism industry

Regarding the article "Lingle accuses Hirono of dodging hotels forum" (Star-Bulletin, Oct. 1): I am disappointed at Hirono's response to the invitation given to her by the Hawaii Hotel Association. The tourism industry is important to the economy of Hawaii, and a topic that must be dealt with.

If Lingle has accused correctly that Hirono has "no plan" for tourism, this election must be carefully considered. I feel that if Hirono wants to have a healthy rapport with the people, then she must address this issue.

Lindsey Rolfe
Age 13

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