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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Maryland school isn't first named for Asian

As a former resident of Hawaii, I was so happy to hear the honor bestowed upon Sen. Spark Matsunaga by having a school named after him in Maryland (Star-Bulletin, May 5).

In the news article, it mentions his son, Sen. Matt Matsunaga, as saying, "This is the first school in the country named after an Asian American." In the Fountain Valley School District in Fountain Valley, Calif., we have three schools named after Asians. Kazuo Masuda Middle School is named after the first Fountain Valley resident who became a World War II casualty. All other schools in the district are named for farmers who tilled the soil the schools stand on today; two of those schools are named after Hisamatsu Tamura and Isojiro Oka.

Paulette Edmonston
Fountain Valley, Calif.

Seattle schools named after Asian Americans

I am glad that the late Sen, Spark Matsunaga had a school named in his honor in Maryland. Unfortunately, I think his son, state Sen. Matt Matsunaga, was incorrect in stating that the Maryland school was the first in the country to be named after an Asian American. In Seattle, two schools are named after prominent Asian Americans who had a major impact on the people and children in the Puget Sound area.

The two Asian Americans so honored were Wing Luke (an elementary school in Seattle), who was the first Asian-American city councilman in the city of Seattle, and Aki Kurose (a middle school), an extremely dedicated and gifted teacher, peace activist and civic dynamo in Seattle.

Both are revered for their contributions and dedication to the people in their communities.

Barry Onouye
Senior lecturer
University of Washington

Others so named don't lessen the honor

There are at least two other schools, one in Madison, Wis. (Akira Koki Middle School), and the other in California (Kazuo Masuda Middle School), named after Asian Americans.

This in no way lessens the honor bestowed upon the late Sen. Spark Matsunaga, who was the major player in achieving redress for those in internment camps.

Isami Yoshihara
Fussa, Tokyo

Donovan is prepared to be athletic director

An athletic director's job opening at the University of Hawaii is rare. It occurs only once about every 10 years. Hence, it is imperative that a qualified UH graduate vying for the position is given serious consideration.

The program is searching for strong and visionary leadership; this is a big hire.

The position no longer is a home for ex-coaches. Athletic directors are businessmen who work with millions of dollars. Many of them have gone to business or law schools.

Jim Donovan, the associate athletic director, has been in training for this position for 10 years. Essentially, he has been in charge of the day-to-day operation of the department. Donovan has a bachelor's degree in marketing and an MBA, both from UH. He is a former standout offensive lineman, and young at age 42.

The citizenry of this state is aware of the fact that the UH athletic department was ranked in the top 20 in the nation among 321 Division I colleges. The department is to be commended for achieving the ultimate honor.

Donovan has solid credentials and is prepared to assume the top job in the athletic department.

L.M. Higa

Israel only has been defending itself

There have recently been some terrible untruths presented against Israel.

First, it was stated that Jews "wandered" out of Europe.

Simply put, the Jews were forced out of Europe.

Palestinians claim that terrorist activity has been in response to the occupation of their would-be territories occupied in 1967. Palestinians fail to say that the Fatah, the right arm of the PLO, claimed responsibility for attacks as early as 1961, six years before Israeli occupation. Other Palestinian terrorist activity dates almost a decade earlier.

International outcry against violence has been one-sided. Terror suspects hide among civilians, inviting civilian casualties. To minimize civilian casualties, Israelis send in soldiers -- at high cost. When civilians are killed, there is an international outcry against this "massacre." Does no one cares that these terrorists hide among innocents?

Where is the outcry when the Palestinian man goes house to house mercilessly targeting and indiscriminately killing women and small children?

Many things are not stated in the media because it is thought that truths are self-evident. Truths need to be stated again, finger-pointing needs to stop, and a foundation needs to be set for mutual trust and negotiations.

Robert Yeszerski

Dems aren't the only ones to stall nominees

I just read the letter to the editor by Dirk Maurins, who says that the Democrats are holding up President Bush's nominations of appointees (Star-Bulletin, May 11).

Where has Maurins been for the past eight years? That was the Republican game during President Clinton's two terms in office.

A very fine Honolulu attorney named James Duffy waited for years to be confirmed, but his nomination was allowed to expire. So now the Republicans have waited almost a year to have Richard Clifton confirmed, and Maurins is complaining?

Norma J. Nicholl

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