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Sunday, May 12, 2002

Hawaiian Musashimaru opens
with win in summer sumo

TOKYO (AP) - Yokozuna Musashimaru survived a hard-fought bout with a win over komusubi Wakanosato on the opening day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament Sunday.

Fighting in the day's final match at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Musashimaru was pushed back to the edge of the ring by a determined Wakanosato.

But Musashimaru turned the tables when he wrapped both arms round Wakanosato and heaved him into the first row of seats.

With yokozuna Takanohana sitting out an unprecedented sixth straight tournament, Musashimaru, who is bidding for his 11th Emperor's Cup, is the odds-on favorite.

Takanohana, hobbled by a knee injury, withdrew before the start of the 15-day tournament. The veteran wrestler is expected to return for July's meet in the central Japanese city of Nagoya.

In other major bouts, ozeki Tochiazuma brushed aside Toki's trademark arm thrusts, shoving the towering top maegashira out with ease.

Asashoryu, or Mongolian Dolgorsvren Dagvadrj, began his campaign for promotion on a winning note when he threw down third-ranked maegashira Miyabiyama. The feisty sekiwake will need at least 10 wins to be promoted to ozeki, the sport's second highest rank.

Ozeki Chiyotaikai, who needs at least eight wins in the tournament to avoid demotion, slapped down No. 2 maegashira Tosanoumi shortly after the faceoff to open with a win.

Veteran grappler Kaio made it a victory sweep for ozeki wrestlers by beating top maegashira Aminishiki.

No. 4 maegashira Kyokutenho, or Mongolian Tsevegynyam Nyamjav, ran out Daizen, also a fourth-ranked maegashira.

Fellow Mongolian Kyokushuzan, or Batbayer Davaa, posted an easy win over Chiyotenzan in a battle of No. 10 maegashira wrestlers.


TOKYO (AP) - Results of main bouts Sunday, the first day of the 15-day Summer Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan:

Winners Losers

Higonoumi (1-0) Asanowaka (0-1)

Shimotori (1-0) Tochisakae (0-1)

Tochinohana (1-0) Hokutoriki (0-1)

Buyuzan (1-0) Oikara (0-1)

Tamanoshima (1-0) Hamanishiki (0-1)

Kyokushuzan (1-0) Chiyotenzan (0-1)

Dejima (1-0) Jumonji (0-1)

Kaiho (1-0) Kotoryu (0-1)

Wakanoyama (1-0) Otsukasa (0-1)

Kotonowaka (1-0) Takamisakari (0-1)

Akinoshima (1-0) Tamakasuga (0-1)

Kyokutenho (1-0) Daizen (0-1)

Tochinonada (1-0) Takanowaka (0-1)

Asashoryu (1-0) Miyabiyama (0-1)

Chiyotaikai (1-0) Tosanoumi (0-1)

Musoyama (1-0) Takanonami (0-1)

Tochiazuma (1-0) Toki (0-1)

Kaio (1-0) Aminishiki (0-1)

Musashimaru (1-0) Wakanosato (0-1)


Tochisakae Takatoriki

Oikari Hokutoriki

Shimotori Tochinohana

Asanowaka Buyuzan

Dejima Tamanoshima

Hamanishiki Jumonji

Kotoryu Chiyotenzan

Kyokushuzan Kaiho

Akinoshima Wakanoyama

Otsukasa Tamakasuga

Daizen Takamisakari

Kotonowaka Kyokutenho

Wakanosato Miyabiyama

Asashoryu Takanowaka

Kaio Tochinonada

Aminishiki Chiyotaikai

Musoyama Tosanoumi

Takanonami Tochiazuma

Musashimaru Toki

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