By Dave Donnelly

Sunday, January 6, 2002

1969: Sometimes payback
is a wonderful pleasure

Actor Ricardo Montalban, dining at Buzz's Steak House in Lanikai, was approached by a gentleman who offered to buy him a drink. Turns out that Montalban had bought this fellow lunch some 20 years ago in less happy times, and the man had never forgotten it. (Jan. 8, 1969) ... The Hula Bowl Saturday will be the final game that Al Michaels will broadcast from Honolulu Stadium. (It'll be on KGMB radio at 11:30 a.m.) The Cincinnati-bound sportscaster estimates he's been behind the mike for some 350 games at the old stadium. "The next game I do in Hawaii," said Al, "should be from Halawa." (That's the new stadium -- not the jail!) (Jan. 6, 1971) ...

HEADING back to the showbiz wilds tomorrow after visiting her folks here for a week is Bette Midler, the Aiea gala who is making it big all over the mainland. She wowed two sold-out houses New Year's Eve at N.Y.'s Philharmonic Hall -- quite a step up for the Hawaii-born singer who first gained attention from singing in a Manhattan bathhouse frequented by the gay crowd. Bette still has her camp followers but is also making headway among the straight set, thanks to numerous appearances on the Johnny Carson TV'er. Variety, the showbiz trade paper, capped its review of her Philharmonic Hall show by stating, "Right now Better Midler is a show. In time, she'll be an event." (Jan. 12, 1973) ...

THAT Robert Goulet is some practical joker. Yesterday he was going down in the Kahala Hilton elevator, and each time the thing would stop and the door open, he said, "Going up?" The other guests waiting to go down would then jump back. In fairness to Goulet, it should be reported that he then held the door until they realized they'd been had and got in. (Jan. 11, 1977) ... Master baker Rolf Winkler, whose perennial Christmastime specialty is stolen, a pastry treat from his home in Dresden, Germany, sold over 7,000 pounds of the stuff during the past holiday season, a record. (Jan. 9, 1978) ...

FORMER Star-Bulletin columnist Jim Becker has returned to Honolulu for a visit, his first here in 10 years since moving to London, ostensibly for a one-year sabbatical. After watching his first beautiful sunrise over Diamond Head in a decade, Becker opined that he'd gone bonkers for passing up such sites. Who knows, he may move back here soon to again commune with nature and regain his once-bronze tan. (Jan. 6, 1982) ... Noting that her car horn was on the fritz, Lois Taylor stopped by the K&Y Service Station at Queen and South streets and asked the young man who greeted her, "Can you make my horn honk?" He didn't miss a beat. "No, lady, but maybe I can ring your chimes." (You don't get openings like that every day, you know.) (Jan. 7, 1983) ...

CANLIS pianist Lees Parrow was chatting to KHON anchorman Joe Moore during a break the other night when someone asked restaurant manager Ray Paulo a question. "I don't know," Paulo replied. "Why don't you ask Moore or Les?" ... Come to think of it, Channel 2 has that tandem on nightly with Moore and Les Keiter. (Jan. 6, 1984) ...

SO there was Mayor Frank Fasi, ready to fulfill his promise to go for a swim in the ocean near the Honouliuli Sewage Treatment Plant. He planned to demonstrate there was nothing to fear about waters in the vicinity of the plant. But the weather that day turned nasty, with cold rain and heavy winds, so hizzoner opted to postpone the symbolic gesture. Best line of the day yesterday came from KRTR's Austin Valli, who interrupted his news announcer's account of the postponement and stated, "The real reason Fasi didn't take his swim is that any time he goes near the water, it parts." I wish I'd thought of that ... (Jan. 8, 1993)

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