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Friday, September 21, 2001

Kotomitsuki races
ahead, Musashimaru
trails in 5th

TOKYO, Sept. 21 (Kyodo) - Second-ranked maegashira Kotomitsuki blasted out Takanowaka for his 12th win to move within striking distance of his first Emperor's Cup at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Friday.

Former sekiwake Kotomitsuki guaranteed himself at least a place in a playoff for the title on a day when ozeki Musoyama and sekiwake Tochiazuma put the Sadogatake stable grappler's early victory celebrations on hold.

Welcomed on to the raised ring with huge roars from an expectant crowd at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan, Kotomitsuki wasted no time in demobilizing Takanowaka (6-7) with a crunching bear hug before casually ushering his equal-ranked opponent out over the straw bales.

But neither Musoyama nor Tochiazuma, both two wins behind the leader on 10-3, were in any mood to allow their lower-ranked rival to uncork the champagne just yet.

Musoyama, the only ozeki to survive injury or humiliation after crocked trio Miyabiyama, Chiyotaikai and Kaio all pulled out during the 15-day tourney with losing records, held strong before eventually upending gritty komusubi Tamanoshima (6-7) with an outside leg trip.

Tochiazuma met little resistance from Tochinonada (6-7) and shoved out the No. 5 maegashira in a matter of seconds to keep his faint championship hopes alive.

The efforts by Musoyama and Tochiazuma, however, may prove to be fruitless as Kotomitsuki can cart home the Emperor's Cup by taking out fourth-ranked Kaiho (9-4) on Saturday.

In the day's only other key bout, Musashimaru managed to scrape together his eighth victory but needed three attempts to finally shunt stubborn sixth-ranked maegashira Toki (6-7) over the ridge and secure a winning record.

In a match-up of wrestlers certain to face demotion for the Kyushu basho in November, sekiwake Dejima (5-8) ended a five-bout losing streak by toppling Mongolian former komusubi Kyokushuzan, who slipped to his ninth loss of the tournament.

Day 13 results

TOKYO, Sept. 21 (Kyodo) - Results of makuuchi division bouts Friday, the 13th day of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan (+ indicates juryo division wrestler):

Won Technique Lost

Wakatsutomu 3-10 kotenage +Minatofuji 6-7
+Wakatoryu 5-8 oshidashi Daishi 3-10
Wakanoyama 8-5 uwatenage Kitazakura 7-6
Akinoshima 8-5 uwatenage Chiyotenzan 7-6
Oginishiki 7-6 oshidashi Takatoriki 6-7
Aminishiki 7-6 uwatenage Otsukasa 6-7
Kotoryu 7-6 yorikiri Hamanishiki 8-5
Daizen 7-6 yorikiri Hayateumi 6-7
Kaiho 9-4 uwatenage Kyokutenho 8-5
Tamakasuga 4-9 hatakikomi Higonoumi 5-8
Kotomitsuki 12-1 yorikiri Takanowaka 6-7
Tokitsuumi 7-6 yoritaoshi Asashoryu 8-5
Kotonowaka 7-6 hatakikomi Tosanoumi 6-7
Wakanosato 6-7 sukuinage Takanonami 4-9
Dejima 5-8 yorikiri Kyokushuzan 4-9
Tochiazuma 10-3 sukuinage Tochinonada 6-7
Musoyama 10-3 sotogake Tamanoshima 6-7
Musashimaru 8-5 yorikiri Toki 6-7

Saturday's bouts

Daishi x - x +Minatofuji
+Yotsukasa x - x Wakatsutomu
Chiyotenzan 7 - 1 Takatoriki
Kitazakura 0 - 1 Akinoshima
Oginishiki 2 - 0 Otsukasa
Wakanoyama 3 - 1 Daizen
Aminishiki 0 - 2 Kotoryu
Takanonami 12 - 3 Higonoumi
Hamanishiki 0 - 0 Tokitsuumi
Tosanoumi 2 - 2 Toki
Kyokushuzan 4 - 8 Tamakasuga
Kotomitsuki 1 - 1 Kaiho
Kotonowaka 1 - 2 Asashoryu
Takanowaka 3 - 0 Tamanoshima
Tochiazuma 2 - 2 Hayateumi
Tochinonada 2 - 12 Dejima
Musoyama 3 - 2 Kyokutenho
Musashimaru 5 - 3 Wakanosato

Kotomitsuki retains
sole lead at 12-1

TOKYO (AP) - Unheralded wrestler Kotomitsuki pushed out Takanowaka on Friday, keeping the sole lead at 12-1 and moving a step closer to his first tournament victory with just two days left in the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament.

Also vying for the trophy at 10-3 are ozeki (champion) Musoyama and sekiwake (junior champion) Tochiazuma, who both added another victory each.

After staring hard at his equal-ranked opponent, No. 2-ranked maegashira (senior wrestler) Kotomitsuki wrapped his arms tightly around Takanowaka and dragged him out of the ring. Takanowaka fell to 6-7.

Musoyama tripped komusubi (junior champion second class) Tamanoshima with his right leg after surviving a series of ringside pushes. Tamanoshima is 6-7.

Tochiazuma grabbed No. 5 maegashira Tochinonada's arms and threw him sideways to the ground. Tochinonada is 6-7.

Yokozuna (grand champion) Musashimaru, already out of the title race, forced out Toki after being repeatedly pushed back by the opponent. Musashimaru, or Fiamalu Penitani from Hawaii, is 8-5 and Toki is 6-7.

In other major bouts, Kyokushuzan, or Mongolian Batbayar Davaa, suffered his ninth defeat as the No. 5 maegashira was bulldozed out by sekiwake Dejima.

No. 4-ranked maegashira Kaiho threw down No.8-ranked Mongolian maegashira Kyokutenho, or Tsevegnyam Nyamjav, in a dramatic overarm throw. Kaiho is 9-4, while Kyokutenho slipped to 8-5.

Top maegashira Asashoryu, or Dolgorsvren Dagvadrj also of Mongolia, was thrown out by No. 4 maegashira Tokitsuumi, facing his fifth defeat against eight victories.

In the 26-member juryo division just below the senior makuuchi division, No. 2 ranked Sentoryu (6-7), or American Henry Armstrong Miller, was forced out by No. 9-ranked Tamarikido (10-3).

Results of main sumo bouts

TOKYO (AP) - Results of main bouts Friday, the 13th day of the 15-day Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena:

Winners Losers

Wakatsutomu (3-10) Minatofuji (juryo) (6-7)
Wakatoryu (juryo)(5-8) Daishi (3-10)
Wakanoyama (8-5) Kitazakura (7-6)
Akinoshima (8-5) Chiyotenzan (7-6)
Oginishiki (7-6) Takatoriki (6-7)
Aminishiki (7-6) Otsukasa (6-7)
Kotoryu (7-6) Hamanishiki (8-5)
Daizen (7-6) Hayateumi (6-7)
Kaiho (9-4) Kyokutenho (8-5)
Tamakasuga (4-9) Higonoumi (5-8)
Kotomitsuki (12-1) Takanowaka (6-7)
Tokitsuumi (7-6) Asashoryu (8-5)
Kotonowaka (7-6) Tosanoumi (6-7)
Wakanosato (6-7) Takanonami (4-9)
Dejima (5-8) Kyokushuzan (4-9)
Tochiazuma (10-3) Tochinonada (6-7)
Musoyama (10-3) Tamanoshima (6-7)

Musashimaru (8-5) Toki (6-7)

Juryo division

Tamarikido (10-3) Sentoryu (6-7)

Friday's main bouts:

Daishi Minatofuji (juryo)
Yotsukasa (juryo) Wakatsutomu
Chiyotenzan Takatoriki
Kitazakura Akinoshima
Oginishiki Otsukasa
Wakanoyama Daizen
Aminishiki Kotoryu
Takanonami Higonoumi
Hamanishiki Tokitsuumi
Tosanoumi Toki
Kyokushuzan Tamakasuga
Kotomitsuki Kaiho
Kotonowaka Asashoryu
Takanowaka Tamanoshima
Tochiazuma Hayateumi
Tochinonada Dejima
Musoyama Kyokutenho
Musashimaru Wakanosato

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