My Kind of Town

by Don Chapman

Sunday, April 22, 2001

Sunday digest

>> State Capitol

"I'm flattered, Mr. President," Grace Ah Sun says. "To answer your question, I'd be honored to have dinner with you."

"The honor is mine," the leader of the free world replies.

Her heart races, and she remembers when Sheets made her feel this way. That was a long time ago, but for the same reason.

Grace is 53, but she is still a woman and she still likes feeling wanted. She can't remember the last time Sheets really wanted her.

But she would always remember what Sheets did when her honor was stolen 28 years ago. Not that she can prove what he did. But she knows.

>> Honolulu Soap Co.

Sheets Ah Sun thumps Lily's proposal to reorganize the company as he sits down opposite her desk. "Very interesting, Lily. You gave this some thought."

"Years of thought," she says.

"I'm impressed. You have some good ideas."

"Thank you." At that moment she has to stop herself from calling him Daddy.

"I appreci ..."

"Good ideas, I mean, for another company."

Lily is numbstruck, too stunned to speak or move.

"Lily, you forgot one thing," he says. "It's always been my plan to have Laird take over the company. That's why I sent him to Stanford."

And she knows in her heart and kidneys and places you don't want to talk about that she never had a chance. Just because she isn't Laird, the eldest son. While her father said her proposal was good, he never actually considered it.

Lily is right about one thing. Sheets never seriously considered her proposal. But she is wrong about the reason why.

>> The Queen's Medical Center

"This is the female from the senator's car," ambulance driver Rock Nagasawa says as he wheels the unconscious young woman through into the ER.

For the first time since her internship days, when a battered baby came through the doors and steeled her forever because she knew that she would never see anything worse, ER physician Dr. Laurie Tang freezes.

It is so rare for any personal information about a patient to enter the ER.

When they brought June Jones in, everyone was so intent on fighting to save a life, they didn't even realize it was the UH coach. More than 1,700 serious trauma cases come through the doors of the Queen's ER every year. Names don't matter, only lives.

"The senator's car?!" Dr. Laurie blurts.

But she can't allow herself to think about that right now. She has work to do. No painful romantic distractions allowed.

>> Eden Off Kuhio

If Lance Ah Sun doesn't join Greg at the Capitol for the hate-crimes-bill rally, he might as well pack up his things and move back home. The very thought makes him shudder. So he'll join Greg and stand with him -- never mind the media and the Gabbardites.

He loves Greg so much, Lance is willing risk everything, even if it kills him.

But Lance's decision raises another crucial issue: What does one wear to a political demonstration?

>> Makiki Heights

Sen. Donovan Matsuda-Yee-Dela Cruz-Bishop-Kamaka rolls over in bed and reaches for Serena but, instead of the warm skin he desires, touches only a cool sheet.

Slowly he opens his eyes, looks around the hillside hideaway he keeps for his secret paramour. Through the open bedroom door, he sees a coffee table full of empty glasses and bottles. Which reminds him of their little party last night. But he can't remember a lot of the details.

"Serena?" he calls. "Serena!"

>> H-1, Koko Head

Usually, Mickey took his showers at Ala Moana Beach Park. But he can wait until he gets to the babe in the teal Beamer's place, and keeps the faded gray sedan in the fast lane.

The black SUV lags six cars behind in the right lane. Tai is protecting his ability to make a quick exit if the creep Mickey makes a sudden dash across three lanes.

>> Honolulu Soap Co.

It's only 10:30 a.m., but Lily is overwhelmed with anger and hurt, and her workday is pau already.

First she has to make a call. "Shauny, hey, I feel like getting drunk, but I'm going to work out first."

"Sounds good to me! I want to get out of here anyway! You know who is back?"

"The former trustee who is now in the Legislature?"

"The cheating slimeball himself! Gives me the creeps! See ya!"

>> Honolulu International Airport

Once he checks into his hotel, Lt. Col. Chuck Ryan likes to hit the gym, work out, get the blood flowing again, clear his mind. And maybe make some new friends.

His plane touches down a couple of minutes early. Which means Ryan will be working out a couple of minutes early. And that will make all the difference.

>> Tomorrow: Scarred for life

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