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Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Photo illustration by David Swann, Star-Bulletin
Island psychics gave us their impressions of
the year ahead on topics such as the Middle East,
our president elect, OHA and tourism.

Future looks bright

Isle soothsayers say 2001
will be positive except for
George W., who may be in danger

By Nancy Arcayna
Special to the Star-Bulletin

IF you're still reeling over 2000, and the new year hasn't seemed to be an improvement so far, stick around, the year 2001 will bring positive change, local psychics agree. Self-expression will be strong and issues that were set on the back burner will finally be resolved.

George W. Bush may be in danger, the Pope may be relieved of his duties and a better economy are a few of the predictions made.

Here's what the seers say:

The clairvoyant

Cheryl Niggle, a clairvoyant reader from Serendipity Books, predicts the stock market and economy will be better this year. The battle to increase tourism will continue through May, but the tourism industry will improve during the summer.

"There will be very expansive changes in people this year. Individuals will feel more free in self-expression," says Niggle.

By Craig T. Kojima, Star-Bulletin
Tea leaf reader Niki Taittinger sees electrical blackouts
and problems with water.

"Relationship issues look wonderful, she adds. People should be in a better frame of mind due to an improved economy."

And, this is also a good year for family issues. Niggle expects to see strong improvement in the educational system. The University of Hawaii will find new leadership, which will prove positive for the state.

"We are bound to see some duplicity in politics but it will be interesting to see scandals surface this year. And the Governor's race will be quite the "horse race" with an emergence of unexpected candidates and no assumed winner," says Niggle.

The astrologists

Last year, Susan Aiu predicted on these pages that the stock market would maintain its run through March 2000. Getting out then would have spared most investors the agonizing downhill slide of the past nine months.

For 2001, she says Geminis (those born between May 21 and June 20) and Sagittarians (those born between Nov. 22-Dec. 21) can expect a "wild roller coaster ride" this year. Lots of action will be occurring and they need to go with the flow for at least the first half of the year. "Six months of running a race can take its toll on health, so watch out," she says.

Ariens (those born between March 21 and April 19) and Libras (those born between Sept. 23 and Oct. 22) are encouraged to finish projects early, especially those with an April 20th deadline.

Cancers (those born between June 21 and July 22) will have a great year beginning July 12. A down period for Cancers occurs in late December, so Aiu urges finishing holiday shopping early. Capricorns (those born between Dec. 22 and Jan. 19) need to tighten their money belts.

By Craig T. Kojima, Star-Bulletin
Taittinger peers at the ground leaves in her tea cup
and sees electrical blackouts and problems
with water.

"Bush will have difficulties due to the anger of the public. Things will be OK for him provided he makes it through his term without being killed or assassinated," she says.

We can expect more action in the Middle East. And also more destruction such as earthquakes and volcanic activity, which can be attributed to the eclipse patterns, says Aiu.

Cheri Yamamoto, an astrologer at Sedona sees upheaval this year.

"During the first quarter of the year, there will be changes in government in South Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, India and Iran. Israel will encounter more conflict and a leader's life may be threatened," she says.

She also fears for the safety of President-elect Bush. Every president that was elected in a zero year has died in office, she explains. She doesn't see anything necessarily happening this year, but feels a building energy that could possibly lead to an assassination attempt in early 2002.

Yamamoto also feels that something unusual will happen with the Pope within a few weeks radius of either March 7, Aug. 31 or Dec. 26. He may be removed from office due to health or extraordinary circumstances.

She agrees that communication between individuals will improve. People will open their hearts and learn to talk with one another.

Hawaii will experience a lot of flu during the first few months of the year. Major breakthroughs in medicine will happen. "The common cold and flu may begin to be treated with enzymes as opposed to drugs," says Yamamoto.

Astrologer and numerologist Sue Simmons believes communication, transportation, school and neighborhood issues are what we we'll see in the news this year. But, political, cultural and racial topics will continue to be big issues. Hidden problems will surface so they can be examined and resolved.

Simmons predicts we will have problems with privacy, email spam and viruses on the Internet, student safety, school repairs, airline and car safety concerns and focus on the role of the media and reporting.

She also believes that charges of corruption in the Bush family will be aired. "Bush will prove to be a weak president but the people will go along with him this year until major mistakes or scandal cause him to lose support. The strain of the presidency will take its toll on him physically and he will not have a second term," she says.

Chaney will play a major role in running the country, but may not physically make it through his term. Events will continue to occur that focus on the inequalities in the law until we change it for the better, says Simmons.

The intuitive reader

Eros Christos, who works out of Golden Phoenix, derives predictions through spiritual guides. He warns that predictions are not set in stone because that would limit our possibilities. As human consciousness grows, the ability to change an outcome is an option, he explains.

He definitely sees a shift in consciousness and awareness. "People will not be as easily led astray and they will begin taking more of a stand," he says.

We will also have a major shift in the way we view the economy, according to Christos. "Money will be viewed as an energy and we will learn to generate funds in more creative ways," he explains. The shift will create a more balanced society based upon abundance as opposed to lack of money.

A breakthrough in space exploration will allow us to recognize that we are not alone. And we will understand more about the meaning of various religious sites.

The idea of changing things through love and respect for others and the environment will evolve. Dealing with things through war, anger and violence will dissipate.

"The year will bring a positive time with more individuals feeling a connection with themselves and the world around them with a deeper understanding of nature and the elements," says Christos.

The tea leaf reader

According to Niki Taittinger of Prosperity Corner, energy will be a big issue this year including getting energy, the cost of energy and keeping companies in service.

"Not only will we experience electrical blackouts, but we will also see problems with water such as broken mains and sewer lines," she says.

Families will be making amends this year and many rifts will be resolved. Couples marrying this year can expect a rocky start but this will pass.

A conservative group of politicians will come into power locally. She believes that before the end of the year, political alliances will come together and disband OHA.

The islands will see prosperity and growth. Individuals need to take care of unpaid debts. Generally speaking, it will be a year of optimism, says Taittinger.

The economist

Paul Brewbaker, Bank of Hawaii economist, suggests that this will be a good year for investments. The stock market rates are falling now, but there should be nothing but upside from this point. We most likely saw our lowest figures in December, he says.

Signs of improvement are beginning to show after a real housecleaning of bad technology stocks, he says.

There are concerns about the economic slowdown in the United States, but this was expected. Since we are somewhat detached from the national government, he does not foresee a recession locally. Trends seem to unfold in the mainland long before they reach Hawaii, he says.

Hawaii also has lots of momentum, he said. Although we are still trying to catch up from the past, once proper planning and technological upgrades are made, we should enjoy an increase in employment.

Hawaii's vulnerability is the tourism industry. But Brewbaker expects to see a 15 percent increase in visitors this year. He believes the economy could be strengthened through a healthy pace of construction activity and real estate development. The solid growth in these areas is the best it has been since the 1980s, he says.

Get personal

For personal readings:

Bullet Susan Aiu: 486-7827 or email
Bullet Eros Christos at Golden Phoenix: 593-1249.
Bullet Cheryl Niggle of Serendipity Books 'n Gifts: 949-4711.
Bullet Sue Simmons: 942-5626.
Bullet Cheri Yamamoto at Sedona: 591-8010 or email
Bullet Tea leaf readings at Prosperity Corner: 732-8870.

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