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Tuesday, September 12, 2000


Stender deserves support of Hawaiians

Any of us who have been involved in any type of committee management system -- or, like millions of TV fans, have watched the "Survivor" TV show -- must appreciate that decisions are made by the group in power.

An unfortunate ramification of such a process is the tendency to paint an entire group with the same shade of complicity merely because of association. It matters little that some within the team voted against policies and procedures they believed to be improper or non-conforming to established rules.

They are considered to be guilty by "omission" rather than "commission."

I have known former Bishop Estate trustee Oswald Stender since our high school days at Kamehameha. Even back then, he was known for his hard-working ways and honesty; he was trusted and respected by all and revered as someone everybody wanted as a friend.

Ozzie has had a very successful life in every respect -- as a business leader, husband, family man, friend to many and a leader in the Hawaiian community. Unfortunately, in the 1990s, he was a member of the Bishop Estate board of trustees, whose members were subjected to litigation ranging from charges of improper to illegal acts.

Today, Ozzie remains the same hard-working, likable and honest man I graduated with at Kamehameha Schools. While I believe that a number of his co-trustees will be found guilty of improper, if not illegal, actions, the truth will prevail. In the end, he will be absolved of complicity in any illegal acts during his tenure as a trustee.

It is time for all in the Hawaiian community to rise up on behalf of a Hawaiian who has already sacrificed much of his life and fortune fighting on their behalf.

Danny Kaopuiki
Kamehameha Schools Class of 1950
Shoreline, Wash.


Traffic will sap desire to attend UH games

The traffic problem at Saturday's University of Hawaii football game was just like last year's opener. Many fans will stay away if traffic problems persist. The flea market should be cancelled on the Saturdays with UH football games so that fans can find parking and tailgate earlier in the day.

UH also should play more afternoon games. I really believe that the afternoon heat and humidity would benefit the Warriors. UH should make it as unpleasant as possible for all visiting teams. By keeping the visiting team on the side of the field that receives the setting sun, Aloha Stadium should become an intimidating venue. Successful teams such as Florida and Florida State torture their opponents with their athletic talent and humid climates.

Afternoon games will provide UH with more national exposure, especially on the West Coast. Maybe one of the reasons UH could not gain any national TV time was the fact that its kickoff is well past 9 p.m. for most of the mainland.

Baron Yamamoto

Signs should warn that stadium lot is full

What was worse than the University of Hawaii's football loss to Portland State was the traffic problems before the kickoff. Les Keiter went on TV and told the fans that there wouldn't be a repeat of last year's UH-University of Southern California traffic debacle. What a lie.

What the stadium authority fails to realize is that the traffic problems come after the parking lot is full. The authority should use the electronic highway sign system on H-1, H-2 and H-3 to warn incoming cars about the lot closure before they hit the stadium off-ramps with the signs saying, "Stadium Lot Full: Passes Only" or "Lot Full: Use Designated Alternate Parking Sites."

Instead, people find out about the lot closure only at the stadium gates and after going through traffic hell. Thanks to the UH-PSU traffic debacle, don't expect to see a full house for the rest of UH's home games.

Byron Toguchi



"It wasn't how I visioned it."

Nick Rolovich
On his UH debut Saturday night
in a 45-20 shellacking by
Division I-AA Portland State


"It is technically feasible.
Imagine if a kid could communicate
with a dolphin. The smile on his face
would be as big as the dolphin's."

Louis Herman
On his plan to link dolphins with
people worldwide through the Internet

Bonk isn't the only successful Green

Let me correct Star-Bulletin contributing editor A.A. Smyser's Aug. 1 column about the Hawaii County Green Party -- that there is only one leader of that revolution. The Greens have more than one winner.

Keiko Bonk was first elected to the Hawaii County Council in 1992. Her successor, Julie Jacobson, was elected in 1996.

And while I don't know where the Greens' "substantial funding" comes from, it's certainly not from the special interests who front the old Demo-publican machine. The mayoral candidacy of Bonk appears to have broad appeal, as indicated by polls showing her with a large early lead.

R.A.I. Weigel

President Estrada shouldn't be welcomed

The visit of Philippine President Estrada to Hawaii and the mainland, and his meetings with military, business leaders and political authorities should warn the public of continued U.S. military aid to and involvement in the Philippines.

Estrada's administration has been marked by incompetence, corruption, war, inflation, attacks on labor and growing militarism. The war being waged by the Philippine Army in Mindanao is a disaster and augurs ill for the Estrada regime's human rights record.

He has also broken off peace negotiations with the National Liberation Front and sought to inflame the 30-year civil war which has raged within the country. He has given more support to CAFGUs, quasi-military irregular units which operate like goons and vigilantes to terrorize proponents of social justice and peace.

Estrada has also allowed the dramatic escalation of oil prices and living costs and distinguished himself through his anti-worker, low-wage policies and his subservience to the dictates of the IMF and World Bank.

He should not be feted and honored in the islands, and the United States should not support his ill-advised military adventures and economic policies.

John Witeck

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