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Saturday, September 9, 2000

Musashimaru marches
on with 7th win

TOKYO, Sept. 9 (Kyodo) - A pair of wrestlers with only two wins between them - Tosanoumi and Tochinonada - upended the ozeki pair of Chiyotaikai and Miyabiyama on Saturday while yokozuna Musashimaru remained the unbeaten leader in the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament.

Grand champion Akebono and ozeki grapplers Dejima and Kaio, meanwhile, all breezed to their sixth wins to keep the pressure on Musashimaru seven days into the 15-day tourney at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Chiyotaikai looked strong at the face-off, but, as in Friday's loss, was unable to find the killer push as No. 3 maegashira Tochinonada (2-5) came storming back to hand the ozeki his second straight loss.

Top-ranked maegashira Tosanoumi (2-5) also put on a tremendous display of determination to drag down Miyabiyama (5-2) after the ozeki had muscled him from one side of the ring to the other, using every ounce of strength to bundle him over the bales for a shock win.

Musashimaru, meanwhile, still looking for his first championship of the year, needed only an instant to pull down Chiyotenzan (2-5) as the second-ranked maegashiraight loss.

American No. 13 maegashira Sentoryu (2-5), wrestling in only his second tournament in the makuuchi division, fell to a fifth defeat as eighth-ranked maegashira Kaiho (3-4) got behind the St. Louis native before lifting him over the edge for the win.

Mongolia's 14th-ranked Kyokushuzan, faring decidedly better than his compatriot, eked out a fifth win after the former komusubi grabbed low under Wakanosato's shoulder and hauled the No. 10 maegashira down, leaving both wrestlers at 5-2.

Results of main bouts for
7th day of autumn sumo

TOKYO, Sept. 9 (Kyodo) - Results of makuuchi division bouts Saturday, the seventh day of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan (+ denotes juryo division wrestler):

Won Technique Lost
+Oikari 3-4 oshidashi Tochisakae 4-3
Minatofuji 3-4 kubinage Daishi 2-5
Hamanoshima 5-2 yorikiri Otsukasa 3-4
Kyokushuzan 5-2 katasukashi Wakanosato 5-2
Aminishiki 5-2 hikiotoshi Kinkaiyama 3-4
Higonoumi 4-3 hatakikomi Tamakasuga 4-3
Kaiho 3-4 okuridashi Sentoryu 2-5
Tochinohana 6-1 yorikiri Kotonowaka 4-3
Takanowaka 3-4 uwatedashinage Wakanoyama 3-4
Tokitsuumi 1-6 shitatehineri Oginishiki 0-7
Takatoriki 3-4 oshidashi Asanowaka 2-5
Toki 4-3 oshidashi Hayateumi 4-3
Takanonami 4-3 shitatenage Kyokutenho 0-7
Dejima 6-1 yorikiri Akinoshima 2-5
Tochinonada 2-5 oshidashi Chiyotaikai 5-2
Tosanoumi 2-5 oshitaoshi Miyabiyama 5-2
Kaio 6-1 oshidashi Musoyama 5-2
Musashimaru 7-0 hikiotoshi Chiyotenzan 2-5
Akebono 6-1 yorikiri Kotoryu 1-6

Sunday's bouts

Kinkaiyama x - x +Kotomitsuki
Kyokushuzan 2 - 7 Hamanoshima
Daishi 0 - 0 Sentoryu
Higonoumi 8 - 8 Minatofuji
Tochisakae 0 - 0 Wakanosato
Tokitsuumi 3 - 0 Asanowaka
Tochinohana 0 - 0 Otsukasa
Wakanoyama 0 - 0 Aminishiki
Tamakasuga 0 - 8 Kotonowaka
Kaiho 0 - 3 Takanowaka
Oginishiki 3 - 3 Toki
Chiyotenzan 3 - 2 Kyokutenho
Akinoshima 5 - 1 Kotoryu
Takanonami 19 - 14 Musoyama
Kaio 16 - 6 Tosanoumi
Tochinonada 1 - 7 Dejima
Chiyotaikai 9 - 1 Takatoriki
Akebono 4 - 2 Miyabiyama
Hayateumi 0 - 1 Musashimaru

Musashimaru keeps
sole lead; Akebono wins

TOKYO (AP) - Hawaiian-born yokozuna (grand champion) Musashimaru easily slapped down his opponent and kept a grip on his 7-0 lead Saturday, the seventh day of the 15-day Autumn Grand Sumo tournament.

Four wrestlers trailed one victory behind the leader at 6-1 - yokozuna Akebono, ozekis (champion) Dejima and Kaio and lower-ranked Tochinohana.

Musashimaru, born Fiamalu Penitani, hardly had to push down No. 2 maegashira Chiyotenzan (2-5), whose mistake was keeping his head too low in his initial lunge.

In other bouts, Akebono, or Chad Rowan from Hawaii, gripped No. 1 maegashira (senior wrestler) Kotoryu aroudn the waist and bulldozed him out. Kotoryu was at 1-6.

Dejima shoved out komusubi (junior champion second class) Akinoshima, who had 5-2.

Up against sekiwake (junior champion) Musoyama (5-2), Kaio fought back from the ringside and grabbed his opponent at the neck to push him out.

Tochinohana, who is a No. 7-ranked maegashira, survived strong hand thrusts by No. 6 maegashira Kotonowaka (4-3), driving him out of the ring.

No. 3 maegashira Kyokutenho, or Mongolian Tsevegnyam Nyamjav, survived komusubi Takanonami's attempt to trip him, but was then whirled at the ringside and pushed out. Kyokutenho remained winless at 0-7, and Takanonami 4-3.

In other major bouts, No. 12 maegashira Sentoryu (2-4), or Henry Armstrong Miller from St. Louis, Missouri, was bear-hugged from behind and shoved out by No. 8 maegashira Kaiho (3-4).

No. 14 maegashira Kyokushuzan (5-2), or Mongolian Batbayar Davaa, sidestepped at the ringside and downed No. 10-ranked Wakanosato (5-2).

In the 26-member juryo division just below the senior makuuchi, No. 7-ranked Asashoryu (4-3), or Mongolian Dolgorsvren Dagvadrj, drove out No. 11-ranked Tomonohana (3-4).

No. 9-ranked Kuniazuma (5-2), or Brazilian Vander Ramos, was shoved out by No. 4-ranked Kotomitsuki (7-0).

In makushita, the top junior division, No. 8-ranked Hoshitango (3-1), or Argentine Imach Marcelo Salomon, slapped down No. 5-ranked Wakatoryu.

His fellow Argentine Jose Antonio Juarez, wrestling as No. 9-ranked Hoshiandesu, suffered his third defeat against one victory as he was pushed out by No. 12-ranked Tochinoyama.

No. 33-ranked Kyokutenzan (1-3), or Mongolian Enkhbat Batmunkha, was driven out by No. 29-ranked Raido, and No. 43-ranked Kasugaoh (3-1), or Kim Son-tek from South Korea, was thrown down by No. 42-ranked Nadatsukasa.

In sandanme, the second-highest junior division, No. 45-ranked Asasekiryu, or Mongolian Badaarch Dashunyam, threw down No. 41-ranked Onoshio to keep his record perfect at 4-0.

No. 65-ranked Azumaoh (3-1), or Brazilian Yasuto Morita, tripped No. 64-ranked Fujinokaze.

No. 90-ranked Ryuo (2-2), or Mongolian Erkhem Ochirsanchirbold, shoved out No. 88-ranked Subaru.

In jonidan, or the third-highest junior division, No. 75-ranked Orora (2-2), or Russian Mikhakhanov Anatolivaleryevich, pushed out No. 73-ranked Otsukuba.

No. 82-ranked Kitakasuga (1-3), or Mongolian Tsolmonbayar Munkhbat, celebrated his first victory by driving out No. 80-ranked Morishita.

No. 96-ranked Ryukizan (2-2), or South Korean Kim Soo-young, was pushed down by No. 98-ranked Saita.

No. 97-ranked Daibanjaku, or Mongolian Batsukh Khaidavmunkh, collected his fourth victory as No. 101-ranked Saitoyama's foot accidentally slipped out of the ring.

In sumo's lowest division of jonokuchi, No. 41-ranked Daionji (3-1) pushed down No. 42-ranked Shuto.

Wrestlers in junior divisions have only seven bouts during the 15-day Autumn Grand Sumo tournament.

Results of main sumo bouts

TOKYO (AP) - Results of main bouts Saturday, the seventh day of the 15-day Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena:

Winners Losers
Oikari (juryo) (3-4) Tochisakae (4-3)
Minatofuji (3-4) Daishi (2-5)
Hamanoshima (5-2) Otsukasa (3-4)
Kyokushuzan (5-2) Wakanosato (5-2)
Aminishiki (5-2) Kinkaiyama (3-4)
Higonoumi (4-3) Tamakasuga (4-3)
Kaiho (3-4) Sentoryu (2-5)
Tochinohana (6-1) Kotonowaka (4-3)
Takanowaka (3-4) Wakanoyama (3-4)
Tokitsuumi (1-6) Oginishiki (0-7)
Takatoriki (3-4) Asanowaka (2-5)
Toki (4-3) Hayateumi (4-3)
Takanonami (4-3) Kyokutenho (0-7)
Dejima (6-1) Akinoshima (2-5)
Tochinonada (2-5) Chiyotaikai (5-2)
Tosanoumi (2-5) Miyabiyama (5-2)
Kaio (6-1) Musoyama (5-2)
Musashimaru (7-0) Chiyotenzan (2-5)
Akebono (6-1) Kotoryu(1-6)

Juryo Division

Kotomitsuki (7-0) Kuniazuma (5-2)
Asashoryu (4-3) Tomonohana (3-4)

Junior Divisions:


Hoshitango (3-1) Wakatoryu
Tochinoyama Hoshiandesu (1-3)
Raido Kyokutenzan (1-3)
Nadatsukasa Kasugaoh (3-1)


Asasekiryu (4-0) Onoshio
Azumaoh (3-1) Fujinokaze
Ryuo (2-2) Subaru


Orora (2-2) Otsukuba
Kitakasuga (1-3) Morishita
Saita Ryukizan (2-2)
Daibanjaku (4-0) Saitoyama


Daionji (3-1) Shuto

(Junior division wrestlers have only seven bouts during the tournament.
Records of foreign wrestlers' opponents were not available.)

Sunday's main bouts:

Kinkaiyama Kotomitsuki (juryo)
Kyokushuzan Hamanoshima
Daishi Sentoryu
Higonoumi Minatofuji
Tochisakae Wakanosato
Tokitsuumi Asanowaka
Tochinohana Otsukasa
Wakanoyama Aminishiki
Tamakasuga Kotonowaka
Kaiho Takanowaka
Oginishiki Toki
Chiyotenzan Kyokutenho
Akinoshima Kotoryu
Takanonami Musoyama
Kaio Tosanoumi
Tochinonada Dejima
Chiyotaikai Takatoriki
Akebono Miyabiyama
Hayateumi Musashimaru

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