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Tuesday, December 28, 1999


Reading the future

Straight from our 8 Ball

By Nadine Kam
Features editor


Psychics didn't exactly wow us with their predictions last year. As we compare our 1999 forecast with the year that was, we found that Mariah Carey did not become a mom. President Clinton did not resign. And Kaneohe has yet to show signs of becoming a "status spot like Beverly Hills."

Other predictions were so vague, as in "there will be more violence here" and "people will go back to church or seek spiritual healing," that any occurence along these lines could be attributed to plain old coincidence. Anyone aware of national headlines could have divined the same trends.

This year, psychic Dayle Schear and astrologer Susan Aiu -- not among those cited above -- are giving a prediction that will be proved or disproved from Day 1. Both say we have nothing to fear from Y2K.

Says Schear, "The Y2K problems will be slight. Planes will not fall out of the sky. Nevertheless, we should be supplied with manual can openers, camping gear and water. There will be power blackouts rotating periodically."

Signs of times

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She adds Maui will suffer most of the Y2K problems that hit Hawaii.

Aiu said, "There isn't a nasty aspect surrounding New Year's Eve. The computers are not going to crash. Everybody is so aware of the problem -- the police are on duty, the firemen are all on duty -- we've done our homework and it will pay off."

She said rain will be our safety net for the fireworks dilemma.

As for the rest of the year, she predicts the stock market will maintain its run through March, and it's during the next three months that people should get their finances in order for a change that comes in June.

The stars indicate a "big event," she says, as the planets Jupiter and Saturn will enter the constellation of Taurus. A similar lineup occured in 1941, just before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The difference was that in 1941, Neptune was also included with the other planets.

Aiu said the year 2000 will be characterized by more "underhanded stuff, more back-stabbing, clearing out."

Other predictions, "The state can expect more stress. There will be more earth movement, more volcanic action."

Schear, too, says Hawaii's economic recovery is three to five years in the future. Residents' exodus to Las Vegas, Washington and Oregon will continue, though at a slower rate. Students who go to those states for education will eventually come back and lead the high-tech revolution here. The revolution will be entrepreneur, rather than government driven.

More immediately, she said Y2K problems -- instead of being giant nightmares -- will be more like minor irritants. At airports, there will be luggage problems. Elevators may not run. "There will be glitches and frustrations throughout. Just bear with it. Keep a paper trail of bank records."

She said the stock market will be more of a roller coaster in the coming year with rapid highs and rapid lows, and says the NASDAQ stock index will match the levels of the Dow, at 12,000 points. Stunning, considering the NASDAQ is now at about 4,000.

As for the presidential race, she says a dark horse will win. (The Amazing Kreskin -- who also predicts Bill Gates will retire from Microsoft due to the breakup of his company -- says Bill Bradley will be our next president.)

And locally, the group Forte will go national, child performer Jennifer Perri will become more successful, "Baywatch" won't have a long run, the Hawai'i Convention Center will find a niche as home to many more TV productions.

We'll be watching.

Straight from our 8 Ball

Seers don't always see all, we've learned over the years. Why, when it comes to getting straight answers to life's difficult questions, you're sometimes better off asking Mattel's Magic 8 Ball.

We set up the toy in the newsroom for staffers in need of year 2000 guidance. Here are some of the questions, with answers from the 8 Ball. Bear in mind, journalists have been known to ask strange questions:

1. Is there life after death? Very doubtful.

2. Will the Dolphins win the Super Bowl? Ask again later.

3. Is Y2K a hoax? Yes, definitely.

4. Will June Jones be elected governor? My sources say no.

5. Will George W. Bush be elected president? Don't count on it.

6. Is Gannett regrouping? Ask again later.

7. Is P.M.S. going to kill me? Very doubtful.

8. Am I a gooey red substance that is destined to be used in a scientific way or form? Don't count on it.

9. Will I lose 25 pounds by June? Signs point to yes.

10. Can the 8 Ball ever be wrong? Yes.

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