Changing Hawaii

By Diane Yukihiro Chang

Friday, December 3, 1999

Attorneys have
sense of humor
after all

BRACE yourself. Lawyers are funny -- on purpose, even! It's hard to imagine, I know. But as part of its centennial anniversary festivities, the Hawaii State Bar Association (HSBA) held a write-in contest, asking members to create imaginary law firms by using the surnames of present and former HSBA barristers.

Yours truly was asked to judge. Why not, I figured. How many entries could there possibly be? How many attorneys in Hawaii actually have a good sense of humor?

A whole lot, it turns out. There were more than 300 entries, most of them hilarious. Many poked fun at their own profession (um, heard any good lawyer jokes lately?). Here's a sampling:

Bullet Abbott & Castillo
Bullet Ahn Street Park Ing
Bullet Ai Kahn See Wright Teruya
Bullet Barbee & Kent
Bullet Betts Tse Ross
Bullet Brady Bunn Chee
Bullet Burger King McDonald & Zip Palk
Bullet Cash & Carey
Bullet Cook Rice Daily
Bullet Courageous Farm Helper Milks Sauer Kau
Bullet Djou Sia Mann Idie Moon
Bullet Dodd Lee Dew Wright
Bullet Foy Yu Weil Robb Seu & Steel
Bullet Goo Veen Ono Sun Day Apter Yoon
Bullet Good Weil Hunt Ng
Bullet Grimmer Priest Rezents Jolly Parsons
Bullet Hao Low Kan Hee Sink
Bullet Hee Haas Ahn Ichinose
Bullet Helpler May Knott Licke Pots, Nohr Trow Hare Indie Sink
Bullet Ho Lee Smoke
Bullet Hoo Chee Ma Ma
Bullet Im Oh Kay Yu Oh Kay We Oh Kay
Bullet Jung & Poe
Bullet Key Stone Kop
Bullet Kim Chee Char Siu & Sue She Rolls
Bullet King & Ai
Bullet Kushi Young Butt & Concepcion
Bullet Lach Key Childs
Bullet Leh Go Mah Ego
Bullet Lovitt Ohr Leavitt
Bullet Lyons Tigert & Beh(s)
Bullet Ma Goodness, Merce Me
Bullet Marcus Weil Beh
Bullet Meek Monks Revere Stern Abbott
Bullet Nip & Tucker
Bullet Noh Cain Reid & Wright
Bullet Oh Henry, Reese & Hersey
Bullet Oki Do Key
Bullet Paul Revere & Rader
Bullet Rair Berger Ahn Bunn Withy Lotsof Mayo
Bullet Rapp Musick
Bullet Roll Ng Stone
Bullet Scarlett Ohara
Bullet Siu Leider
Bullet So Siu Mee
Bullet Song Imaye Hart
Bullet Stick Hee White Reiss
Bullet Sult & Pepper
Bullet Tower Ing Ego, Lotsof Gall
Bullet Vague Butt Knott Wong
Bullet Wai Be So Surli
Bullet Watts Ale Ng Yu
Bullet Weir So Good
Bullet Won Good Courageous Aduja Cater
Bullet Woo Woo Good Luke Ng
Bullet Yamada Hada Rair Rasch
Bullet Yogi Paer
Bullet Yu Sorich Wee Billyou Moore

AND the winners of the 1999 HSBA Law Firm Name Game Contest are (losers, kindly resist the urge to sue):

Bullet Never Happen Award: Wee Billyou Moore & Yu Noh Kea
Bullet Patriotic Award: Ho Say Cain Yusi
Bullet Deja Vu Award: Oh Noh Knott Agena
Bullet Epicurean Award: Dang, Fry Cook Burns Ono Chow
Bullet Runner-Up: Sockett Toomey Bybee
Bullet Grand Prize: Marr Yu Go Ing Doo Scarborough Pear.

Diane Yukihiro Chang's column runs Monday and Friday.
She can be reached by phone at 525-8607, via e-mail at, or by fax at 523-7863.

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