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Thursday, September 16, 1999

Chiyotaikai, Miyabiyama
lead autumn sumo,
as Kaio falls

TOKYO, Sept. 16 (Kyodo) - Ozeki Chiyotaikai and No. 5 maegashira Miyabiyama emerged co-leaders five days into the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Thursday as a rash of upsets claimed sekiwake Kaio and three of sumo's top five-ranked wrestlers.

Only Musashimaru could stop the bleeding after watching ozeki Dejima and Takanonami and fellow yokozuna Wakanohana all bite the dust in consecutive losses, fighting off an upset-minded Tamakasuga in the final bout for a frontal force-out win at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Musashimaru notched his fourth win against a single loss, while Tamakasuga, a top-ranked maegashira wrestling for the first time since Monday after receiving back-to-back default wins over yokozuna Takanohana and Akebono, slipped to 3-2.

The biggest upset of the day belonged to No. 3 maegashira Akinoshima, who threw over Kaio and dropped the sekiwake from the ranks of the undefeated.

Akinoshima, winning for only the fourth time in 24 meetings with Kaio, slipped his left arm underneath Kaio's right arm at the face-off and cranked him over to improve to 4-1.

With the lead pack now trimmed by one, Chiyotaikai made short work of Kyokushuzan (1-4), leading with a right thrust to the chin against the No. 2 maegashira from Mongolia and then following up with two solid shots to the chest.

Earlier, former collegiate yokozuna Miyabiyama slapped No. 9 maegashira Kaiho (3-2) out of the ring with a relentless thrusting attack for his fifth straight win and his best start ever in the elite makuuchi division.

In the parade of upsets, top maegashira Tochiazuma (3-2) got his left hand locked under the front of Dejima's sash and pried him out of the ring for the win as the newly promoted the ozeki slumped to 2-3.

Komusubi Kotonishiki (2-3) sat down on one of Takanonami's patented over-locking arm throws and refused to be kicked over, looping the ozeki (3-2) over with an underarm hook to even their head-to-head record at 19-19.

Komusubi Musoyama (3-2) overwhelmed Wakanohana (2-3) at the face-off and bulldozed the yokozuna straight out of the ring.

Rebounding from four straight losses, sekiwake Tosanoumi, 11-4 in July, finally broke into the "W" column by plowing out No. 2 maegashira Asanosho (1-4) in another one-sided bout.

In an early meeting of 12th-ranked maegashira, Hamanoshima (3-2) shrugged Kyokutenho (3-2) by at the face-off to get the good angle on his Mongolian opponent and pushed him easily from the ring.

Results from 5th day of autumn sumo

TOKYO, Sept. 16 (Kyodo) - Results of makuuchi division bouts Thursday, the fifth day of the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo (+ denotes juryo division wrestler):

Won Technique Lost

+Daizen 3-2 uwatenage Otsukasa 2-3
Kinkaiyama 2-3 yorikiri Ohinode 3-2
Hamanoshima 3-2 yorikiri Kyokutenho 3-2
Asanowaka 3-2 hikiotoshi Higonoumi 2-3
Kotoryu 2-3 oshidashi Aogiyama 2-3
Wakanoyama 4-1 oshidashi Tochinonada 2-3
Terao 2-3 okuridashi Tokitsuumi 2-3
Chiyotenzan 2-3 okuridashi Ganyu 2-3
Takatoriki 2-3 oshitaoshi Minatofuji 1-4
Miyabiyama 5-0 tsukidashi Kaiho 3-2
Wakanosato 3-2 yorikiri Shikishima 2-3
Toki 2-3 oshitaoshi Kotonowaka 3-2
Tosanoumi 1-4 oshidashi Asanosho 1-4
Akinoshima 4-1 sukuinage Kaio 4-1
Chiyotaikai 5-0 oshidashi Kyokushuzan 1-4
Tochiazuma 3-2 yorikiri Dejima 2-3
Kotonishiki 2-3 sukuinage Takanonami 3-2
Musoyama 3-2 oshidashi Wakanohana 2-3
Musashimaru 4-1 yorikiri Tamakasuga 3-2

Friday's bouts

+Kitakachidoki x - x Ohinode
Hamanoshima 6 - 6 Asanowaka
Higonoumi 0 - 0 Kinkaiyama
Kyokutenho 0 - 1 Tokitsuumi
Kotoryu 0 - 0 Otsukasa
Kaiho 0 - 1 Tochinonada
Aogiyama 0 - 0 Wakanoyama
Terao 7 - 4 Ganyu
Takatoriki 1 - 1 Chiyotenzan
Wakanosato 0 - 1 Miyabiyama
Minatofuji 5 - 5 Shikishima
Akinoshima 11 - 13 Kotonowaka
Kotonishiki 14 - 11 Kaio
Tosanoumi 7 - 4 Tochiazuma
Takanonami 14 - 4 Tamakasuga
Musoyama 4 - 2 Chiyotaikai
Toki 0 - 4 Dejima
Kyokushuzan 1 - 7 Musashimaru
Wakanohana 3 - 0 Asanosho

Results in Scoreboard

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