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Thursday, September 2, 1999


Heco worker takes time to be good neighbor

Every so often, Hawaiian Electric Co. sends a two-person crew to clean up a piece of property it owns near my home. One worker goes up the street like a guy looking for buried treasure, his gas-powered weed-whacker making short work of the hardy weeds and grass that persevere in the hard-scrabble soil. His companion follows a little later with that other technological marvel: the gas-powered blower.

The first man stops at my neighbor's car, which is always parked on the street. Looking up at the house, he calls out, hoping to attract attention. No response. They have taken another car to earn their daily bread.

So he and his machine continue working past the car and up the street. I go on about my business, then look up a few minutes later. The Heco worker is again standing next to my neighbor's car. But this time, he is dusting it off with a blue handkerchief, ever so carefully.

My hat goes off to this anonymous gentleman, who taught me a lesson about courtesy I should never forget but, alas, no doubt will.

Art Caldeira

Estate critics dislike Hawaiians' success

People who are not indigenous Hawaiians and alumni of the Kamehameha Schools have absolutely no business making comments or being involved in Bishop Estate affairs.

The commissions of the estate trustees are based on 2 percent of the profit. So the high commissions are very positive. I wish the trustees received triple the pay. That would translate to three times the profit to the estate.

As an alumnus of the Kamehameha Schools and a descendant of the Kamehameha family, I am very disappointed with the other races in Hawaii who are very jealous of the indigenous Hawaiians becoming successful.

The state courts fired the trustees who have helped to generate windfall profits and replaced them with flunkies who will destroy the estate.

Institutionalized racism has plagued Hawaiians since the first foreigners stumbled on our shores and it still exists today.

Eric Po'ohina
Via the Internet

Bishop Estate Archive



"We just kept honing it until
it would sound right. We would keep
sanding it, touching it and
feeling the vibrations."

Jose Hipolito Jr.


Who, along with his hearing-impaired cousin, Kenneth McFeeley,
retired after working four decades at the
Kamaka Ukulele Factory


"To some extent they've
determined they have
a captive market."

Robert Skylar


On a Star-Bulletin survey that showed Hawaii
retailers charge up to 200 percent higher prices
than on the West Coast


"Lord, resurrect these boys.
Let their brains have life and let
their lungs breathe. We know
we're in the 11th hour."

John Elleson


Asking for divine intervention in restoring
Makaio Rich, 12, and Richard Landingin, 10, to health
after they were pulled from a Waipio swimming
hole in critical condition

It's arrogant to plead legislative immunity

State Sen. David Matsuura (D-Hilo) claimed "legislative immunity" because he forgot to register and get a safety check for his car before he left for Oahu and subsequently got tickets for violations.

Welcome to the real world, senator. People travel all of the time. Absence does not relieve them of the responsibility to keep current with various obligations such as getting safety checks, paying taxes and making mortgage payments.

This claim of legislative immunity (correctly denied by the Third District Court) is indicative of the arrogant, irresponsible behavior of many of our public officials.

They must be held responsible for their actions -- both personal and political. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Pam Smith
Ewa Beach

Cayetano wants to punish editorial writers

I couldn't help but laugh at the Aug. 30 report of the lunch with Governor Cayetano and reporters. Cayetano said he liked the TV media but wanted to see signed newspaper editorials so "people" would know which staffer actually wrote the opinion.

He must think editors are stupid. Why would they want him and his bureaucratic thugs to know who writes editorials, and what they really think of him and his administration's antics?

Cayetano also said, "I wish there was a court to hold you guys responsible." There is, governor, and it's called retaliation by your appointees.

Just ask Ed Medeiros if his opinion on who should be governor lost him the Aloha Flea Market contract. Ask the other "Lingle for Governor" supporters who have suddenly lost contracts from the state or received the silent treatment when they apply for permits and reports.

Marge Young
Ewa Beach

Movie teaches kids it's OK to go after teachers

On behalf of the 12,000 members of the HSTA, I wish to express displeasure with the film, "Teaching Mrs. Tingle."

In light of the most recent incidents in Georgia, Colorado and Pennsylvania, the story line of this movie appears to be inappropriate to the well-being of students and school staff alike.

As educators, we know that violence has many causes. However, motion pictures are a powerful medium that can influence the behavior of impressionable children.

Despite a few exceptions, our public schools remain safe havens for millions of children. We not only are concerned that "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" will perpetuate the myth that schools are unsafe, but also suggest to young people that violence is a way to solve problems.

Karen Ginoza
Hawaii State Teachers Association

GOP has clowns for standard bearers

Being a liberal, I took Bob Tassie's Aug. 19 letter literally and asked myself his question, "How do liberals feel about Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich and Pat Buchanan?" My answers: media clown, hypocritical clown, isolationist clown. The GOP could not ask for better circus acts.

James Reagan
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