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Friday, July 23, 1999


Unions were afraid to fight payroll lag

Gov. Ben Cayetano calls the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly "self-centered," but he is not telling the entire truth about why the other public employee unions buckled under to this so-called payroll lag.

What Cayetano fails to mention is that all the other unions agreed to this lag only under the threat of their members losing their jobs.

As a member of the Teamsters, I support what UHPA did in fighting for what was right. I also support all the other unions under the dictatorial thumb of Cayetano.

Gilbert Ishihara
Via the Internet

Cayetano has two views on UH autonomy

Our "education governor" has come out stating that the University of Hawaii must endure more funding cuts because of recent low tax revenues. Yet, just a few days ago, he stated that he shouldn't interfere with the university and its decision on the School of Public Health "because they are now autonomous."

Cutting the UH budget isn't interfering?

Garry P. Smith
Ewa Beach

JFK Jr. has joined his father in heaven

It seems but yesterday that we saw John F. Kennedy Jr. salute his dad. How brave he seemed to be, such a tiny little lad. His mother standing by his side, holding his hand. Big sister, Caroline, to keep a protective eye on him.

The smile, the soft yet twinkling knowing in his eyes. He even found a soul mate and we were glad.

We know there is no answer as to why tragedy strikes. So many untimely losses, a burden upon the Kennedy lineage. Solace, perhaps, only in the faith that he lived with integrity.

We shall miss JFK Jr. and what he might have been. God bless you, John John, your angel and her sister. Please continue to look over us, your father by your side.

David Miho
Via the Internet

Employees are proud to work at Straub

As a registered nurse at Straub, I was offended by your July 10 article, "More Straub workers want union." It portrayed Straub not only negatively but wrongly. I strongly refute the statement that "patient care is slipping."

Yes, many of us do work overtime shifts and, occasionally, overtime on a mandatory basis. But that is true at nearly every hospital. Our supply carts are stocked daily and I cannot recall a time when supplies were "scarce."

Inquiring around, unaware of the incident myself, I was informed by several different sources that the comment by a Straub co-worker regarding the cardiac procedure was false. And our biomed department is striving very hard to get our equipment Y2K compatible.

I want others to see Straub as I see it -- a positive and caring atmosphere for both patients and employees.

Traci A. DeVos



"I have become Grinchy
and said, 'If you build it,
I won't come.' "

Virginia Lowell
Explaining that -- because the Legislature has not been
forthcoming with money to staff and provide services --
even if the proposed Kapolei Community Library
is built, it can't be opened


"They banged her!"

Charlene Iboshi
Describing to the jury what the state charges Frank Pauline Jr.
and two other defendants did to Big Island visitor Dana Ireland,
who was hit with a car, raped and murdered in 1991


Wronged defendants should sue the state

My parents always told me that you cannot trust government. I never understood why until now.

This latest turn of events concerning Bishop Estate has just gone too far. I can't believe former Attorney General Margery Bronster would violate her duties by spending millions of taxpayer dollars in our economy by going after upstanding citizens for political purposes.

Isn't it true that the Kalele Kai fee purchase from Bishop Estate was over $20 million, more than $10 million than what it was worth by admission of a 22-year Bishop Estate employee? Isn't it true that by the time the estate is paid in full, it would receive over $25 million? Where is the "sweetheart deal" there? Where were the "favored" terms?

Then the state accused developer Jeff Stone of giving "kickbacks" to trustees. Kickbacks for what? To overpay for land? These proceeds would benefit Bishop Estate and Kamehameha Schools.

It is obvious that someone had another agenda, but who? The new AG should go after the real criminals -- those who were ultimately responsible for wasting millions of dollars in this political witch hunt.

As for Stone and the Wong family, they should sue the state or whoever else is responsible so this craziness never happens to innocent people again.

Todd Ernest

Bishop Estate Archive

Full restoration would worsen parking problem

As someone who lives near the Waikiki Natatorium, I am concerned about full restoration of the facility. This whole project needs to be re-evaluated. Along with the costs involved, the parking situation has not been thoroughly addressed.

Currently, parking is not adequate for the Waikiki Aquarium, Kapiolani Bandstand or the Waikiki Shell. An event at any one of these facilities worsens the situation. Try using the tennis courts, archery range or even picnicking in the park when the Waikiki Shell is in use or when there is a soccer tournament in progress.

People in their cars circle round and round, looking for non-existent parking. They end up walking miles to attend an event. It has been suggested that remote parking locations be developed, but where are the plans? Where are the funds?

I would certainly favor repairing the arches to restore the memorial aspect of the Waikiki Natatorium, but I don't agree that the pool should be reopened.

Jean E. Rolles

Entire Natatorium must be refurbished

For 20 years now, the Natatorium has been a blemish on the shoreline of Waikiki. Is this the way to commemorate the soldiers who fought so bravely for our country in World War I? They must be turning over in their graves.

Now the mayor and City Council are debating what to do with the memorial. Should we just restore the arch and the bleachers, or do the whole thing? What is there to debate? If they don't restore the pool that the bleachers overlook, then what's the sense?

Let's get going and start the restoration of the ENTIRE memorial. Then maybe we can undo the disrespect we have caused our veterans by letting the Natatorium slip into a crumbling heap of concrete.

Robert Raben III
Via the Internet


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