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Friday, April 16, 1999


Tell unions there's no money for raises

Unions, get real. The next time negotiations for raises come up during these hard times, our Democrats should tell the unions that there is no more money for whatever they are negotiating for but, if they really want the raises, the unions should eliminate their dead wood and give the savings to those chosen to stay.

This simple solution can be accomplished without raising taxes. If the unions find fault with this, tell them you'll see them next year, same time. End of meeting.

If they go on strike, privatize and save a bundle.

Bruce Tetreault

Prosperity is coming, thanks to film crews

Thank the Lord that film companies are agreeing to come to Hawaii -- "Baywatch," "Pacific Blue," "Hawaii Five-0." They will help us turn around our economy.

We have always had the most beautiful spot on Earth but we made it unaffordable. Now, with the airlines, hotels, state government and unions all pitching in, we have hope!

Geri Sanchez

Couple's appreciation for Hawaii is obvious

Al and April Masini are worldwide syndicators and producers of television series and movies. They have come out of a supposed retirement to take us through the Miss Universe contest, assist the Sony Hawaiian Open and organize the governor's inaugural ball, among other projects.

April took it upon herself to fly to L.A. and approach the producers of "Baywatch" and "Pacific Blue" to film in the islands. By accepting, these new projects will hopefully put Hawaii on the road to economic recovery.

The Masinis have only been in the islands a few years, but their love for the state is unparalleled.

Sheila Watumull

Who is at fault for 'ruined' lives?

The Rev. Beverly Bates is quoted as saying, in response to the indictment of her daughter, her son and her son-in-law, Bishop Estate trustee Richard "Dickie" Wong, "This is unconscionable that (Attorney General) Margery Bronster can so abuse her power and take Richard's family hostage. Our lives are ruined."

Her characterization is misleading for two reasons:

Bullet The jury indicted Wong based on a preponderance of clear and convincing evidence. This case also documented the involvement of two defendants who, as it happens, are his spouse and brother-in-law. Such coincidence of relationship cannot be concluded to equal hostage-taking.

Bullet We must strengthen our objectivity to determine exactly whose lives have been ruined here -- Wong's, who is still exponentially benefiting from his trusteeship, or the children of Kamehameha Schools.

Reverend Bates, let's not lose track of who actually is abusing the power here. Stick to the facts.

Hari Roosman

Bishop Estate Archive

Ground troops won't quell crisis in Kosovo

Sending American ground troops into Kosovo is not in the best interest of the U.S. or the citizens of Kosovo.

I sympathize with the ethnic Albanians facing genocide from the Serb-led government. However, this war is complex and dates back centuries. The hate that each side has for the other is comparable to the ongoing religious war between Arabs and Israelis.

American troops being mixed into this equation will not cure the deadly animosity between them. Moreover, it may bring fatal results for both our troops and the people of Kosovo.

Even if troops could stop the killing, what will happen when they leave? What would prevent old hostilities from rekindling?

David L. Moffat II

Got Milked?

Cereal is always on sale on mainland

With respect to your April 2 story on milk, the price in Chicago is $2.39 a gallon at Costco and sometimes it's on sale at the grocery store for $1.99 a gallon.

I'll never forget taking my mom, who visits me every summer from Hawaii, down the cereal aisle and having her exclaim, "Look, all your cereal is on sale!" It wasn't -- just half price compared to in Hawaii.

Jeannine Johnson

Congress should leave the president alone

President Clinton was charged with obstruction of justice and was judged innocent by 55 senators. To the second charge of perjury, the president was judged innocent by 50 senators.

If the House managers cannot accept this verdict, they should resign, be fired for incompetence or commit seppuku, which is the honorable thing to do.

Haruso Joe Sawamoto

Let Natatorium make more happy memories

Many of us share Joan Kaaua's memories of happy times at the Natatorium (Letters, April 6). We also share her father's frustration at the neglect that has allowed this historic treasure to degenerate into its present condition.

What we need to remember is that the pool is the memorial to those who served in World War I, including Kaaua's dad. It was meant to be their gift to those they left behind -- "a living memorial" where all could come to enjoy healthy recreation.

We should not demolish this historic structure and forever deprive children of those joyful visits. The better solution is full restoration, so that people can once again experience the happiness that Kaaua felt during those trips to the Nat with her dad.

Squeeze Kamana

State can do whatever it wants

The state breaks its own laws again. Because Bob Fishman's salary is too big for the Hawaii Tourism Authority post, it is going to make him an independent contractor. Yet if a private company wanted to change the status of one of its employees to an independent contractor, the state departments of taxation and labor would not allow such a ploy.

Bernard Keane

"When people
find out what I do,
they ask if it's
Jell-O or mud

Malia Hosaka
One of the featured stars of last night's
"Hawaiian Heat '99 Superstar Wrestling"
event at the Neal Blaisdell Arena

"In Hawaii, people
come to see you rather
than expecting the
performance to
be some kind of
proving ground."

Keith Ikaia-Purdy
Scheduled to perform Sunday in a benefit
concert at the Hawaii Theatre

Alaska values education more than Hawaii

I was dismayed to read about the deplorable condition of buildings at Lahainaluna High. With its rich and heritage, Lahainaluna deserves better.

The school that I am principal of is less than 34 years old, yet the Anchorage School District is seeking voter approval to build a new school for our students. Despite lean times for the oil industry and its negative affect on state revenues, education in the 49th state remains a top priority.

The Anchorage School District serves 49,000 students and our maintenance budget for 89 schools is more than $15 million a year, compared to $9.6 million in Hawaii for many more schools and students.

I am in Alaska because the state provides the best learning facilities and programs. I left Hawaii because I did not see that same commitment.

I hope your state Legislature will allocate sufficient funds to complete the improvements at Lahainaluna. As the school where education of Hawaiians began 168 years ago, and where the first books in Hawaiian were printed, it should be a showcase for the state.

Guy Okada

Radford's chairs are worn, but school spirit is high

When I tell people I go to Radford High School, they ask me if it is as bad as they have seen on TV. My reply is "yes," but those are the buildings, not the staff or the students.

The bathrooms look just like you've seen on the news. What they did not mention were the chairs -- most of them are cracked and broken.

Crystal Shaddrick


At Radford High School our bathrooms are old and the doors don't lock. Our water fountains have mud in them, some don't have spouts and some don't have water. There is only one ramp accessible for the handicapped and the paint in most of our classrooms is chipped. The termites are eating away our locker room.

Most Radford students actually do care about fixing up our school.

Jenny Hill


What about our athletes at Radford? They are forced to practice in termite-infested rooms with poor ventilation. When I am lifting weights, I don't want to be worrying about whether the ceiling is going to fall on my head.

Despite the downfall of our school, I am proud to be a Radford Ram. Each day when I walk the halls, friendly teachers, faculty and security guards greet me. They and the students make the day a little more bearable.

Ness Farin


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