Letters to the Editor
Thursday, December 26, 1996

Public schools exodus
makes SAT scores dip

Well, it's that time of year again. Headlines proclaim that the SAT scores dropped between sixth and eighth grades.

However, there was no mention of the well-documented exodus from public to private school in grade 7 resulting in the loss of substantially higher reading scores. There was no mention of the high turnover rate (especially in schools near military bases) making longitudinal claims suspect at best. and there was no mention of the excellent study published in the spring of 1994 when more than 7,000 students were studied. Their conclusion: '"Students who were in public schools in both sixth and eighth grades showed no overall drop in their Stanford reading scores," despite the media making sensational claims about the "plunge in scores."

Actually, the real loss for public schools is the fact that elementary schools prepared some of our best and brightest, and public schools lose their talents and supportive parents during the preadolescent stages in middle or intermediate school.

Jim Wolfe

U.S. drug war is fallacy
perpetuated by government

I want to voice my support for the Dec. 20 View Point by Richard S. Miller. His were courageous words in an atmosphere that is largely intolerant of those who seek to expose the fallacies inherent in our nation's sacred "drug war."

While Congress quibbles over $1-$2 billion for social programs, the drug war has a budget of more than $18 billion and exacts immeasurable human costs. And for what?

The price and availability of illicit drugs do not change. Civil rights supposedly inalienable in this "land of the free" are sacrificed in the name of lies and propaganda maintained by politicians and their agencies to justify the creation of a police state funded by taxpayers.

It is not a war against drugs. It is a war against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American people.

Those who support the war on drugs often do so out of ignorance. Any rational person who is willing to step back from the hysteria to educate himself about the huge costs and negligible benefits of drug prohibition will see how important it is for us to open the discussion of how to change our drug laws so they work for us, not against us.

Jarin Tabata
(Via the Internet)

Why the disappointment
with outstanding Wahine?

There were so many people who were "let down" by the Wahine loss in the NCAA Finals. I heard one interviewee say, "I am disappointed. I was hoping for an early Christmas present." The selfishness was unbelievable.

These are the same people who exclaim, "We won! We won!" when UH trounces an opponent. Excuse me, but what did YOU do to help in the win? As I recall, you were sitting next to me on a bar stool, chugging another beer. The members of the Wahine won. It was their effort that pulled them through.

Now that there isn't a victory involved, the "fair-weather fans" are separating themselves. They jump ship not unlike rats from a sinking vessel.

The Wahine players deserve better support. I empathize with the loss, but I am DAMN PROUD that they got to the finals.

Perhaps the view from the summit of a mountain is better than from a foot below but, come on, it's not that bad either.

Troy Morioka
(Via the Internet)

Gay people can’t wait
to visit tolerant Hawaii

I, and every other New Yorker I know, have stood in breathless wonder as Hawaii has questioned any ban on same-sex marriage.

Though I'm a gay man and have no immediate plans to marry my boyfriend of two years, we are both now eager to make our first visit to such a fair and just place as Hawaii.

You are all very lucky in your beautiful home and in your tolerant neighbors. See you soon!

Alan Miles
New York, N.Y.
(Via the Internet)

‘Gayness’ won’t rub off
on worried heterosexuals

On your Dec. 14 letters page, Andrew Nakoa wrote, "What will people from the mainland think about Hawaii, the gay state? Next thing you know, every gay couple in America and probably in the world will be coming here."

This gay Iowan will be coming to Hawaii, with my fiancee of six years, to get married when it becomes legal. But Nakoa can relax, we won't be moving next door to him and our "gayness" won't rub off on him while we are visiting.

After our honeymoon, we will return to our homes, our jobs and our families, in Iowa.

Nakoa can relax about "every gay couple in America" coming to Hawaii. Those of us who do won't invite him to our weddings.

And if he'll let us know how he makes a living, we'll be sure to stay away from his business while we're there, too.

Jean Mayberry
Sioux City, Iowa
(Via the Internet)

Signal Corps
seeking members for reunion

The Signal Corps OCS Association is attempting to locate Korean War-era graduates as well as WWII and Vietnam graduates for an upcoming reunion. There are several whose home of record in 1952 was given as Hawaii.

We would like to hear from Korean War graduates Raymond T. Naito, Yasuo Fujikawa, Thomas T. Nishikubo, Henry K. Nishikawa and James Obrien, as well as any others who now live in Hawaii.

This association serves graduates from 1941-1946, 1952-1953 and 1966-1968.

If you are a family member of any Signal OCS graduate, and can provide information on that person, whether living or deceased, it would help us to accomplish our mission. We want to reunite old friends as well as to remember those we have lost. (We hold an annual memorial service on their behalf.)

You may contact the association by writing to me at RT 18 Box 643, Lake City, FL. 32023 or by calling me at 904-752-6950.

Richard Green
Lake City, Fla.
(Via the Internet)

Same-sex archive

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